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Elastic couplings are important parts of motion transmission system from connected devices to encoder shaft.

Eltra elastic couplings design

Today Italian company is a fast-growing encoder coupling manufacturer. Clutch housing from Eltra most often is cylindrical. There is a small spiral groove along the whole body, which increases functionality of work.

This detail is used in almost all types of encoder coupling. For example, in connection systems with clamping flanges or locking couplings.

The clutch created by ELTRA s.p.a., gives some advantages:

  1. Stiffness even when rotating at high speeds.
  2. It can be an adapter for different mechanical connection.
  3. Effectively cope with the phenomenon of axial and radial shaft displacement.

Such flexible elastic coupling can eliminate effects and negative aspects associated with misalignment and ensure reliable motion transmission.

Such device also allows to connect elements that have different shaft diameters into one system.

Types of eltra couplings for encoder shaft

All necessary information about clutch is already recorded into ordering code of its model. By serial number, customer can determine type and size, which corresponds to design specifications of particular device.

Such devices manufactured by eltra are following into the G (precision elastic coupling) series. The producer has created models with different sizes. Italian company produces couplings types with sizes equally 20; 25 and 30 mm.

ELTRA couplings according to their functionality are divided into such categories:

  • GS-DA;
  • GS-EA;
  • GS-EP;
  • GS-M;
  • GS-O;
  • GS-S.

GS-DA. It is characterized by the average hardness, and is able to cope with mechanical impact and has a low restoring force. Model is able to fully ensure smooth course during revolutions, as well as get full control of shaft displacement. It has own electrical and thermal insulation.

GS-EA. It is a special series for multipurpose use. Presented models have excellent rigidity and average degree of restoring force. Design consists of solid housing with clamping sleeves.

GS-EP. A series of budget couplings. They have an average level of stiffness during connecting and low degree of recovery force. It has special electrical insulation and can withstand against vibration.

GS-M. A series of couplings for multipurpose use. Models have low rigidity and also low level of restoring force. Design lacks dynamic parts, which makes it very durable.

GS-O. Such devices have an elastic structure where motion is transmitted by using a special disk. It has quite simple and reliable housing. Can eliminate unnecessary backlash.

GS-S. Specialized devices for continuously variable transmission. Have a high level of resistance to vibration and displacement. They have a very high degree of connection rigidity and low restoring forces. Design is additionally reinforced with stainless steel parts. Such couplings can provide a very reliable connection without any surface defects.

After selecting the dimensions of the ordered model, it is necessary carefully check both available diameters. To do this, client need to know exactly both radius of encoder shaft for coupling and the parts which connected to it.

In the order code, they are indicated by numbers after size. For example, in the model G25 A8 / 10, the diameters will be equal respectively to D1 = 8, D2 = 10. In the case when they are the same, only one number is indicated in code. It means that both diameters have this size.

In manufactured devices, diameter reaches from 6 to 10 mm. Therefore, customer can choose different combinations of sizes.

In conclusion, it is need to be said that customer must very carefully choose flexible couplings for encoder shaft. Suitable model can be the most effective way to improve whole operation.

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