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Incremental encoder is measuring device that determine angular displacement of object. Italian company has been producing such equipment for more than 30 years and during this time, they have established themselves only from the best side.

Eltra encoder incremental design

The appliance has a rather simple construction and consists of some several parts. It`s include mechanical and electrical interfaces, code wheel, and receiver.

One of the most important characteristic is resolution. The parameter often determined in pulses per revolution (abbreviated ppr). Rotary encoders produced by concern often have a high-resolution level. 

Incremental Rotary encoder signal output

Devices have two outputs through which signal passes. They usually called as channel A and channel B. Outgoing encoder pulse from outputs has form of quadrature waves. 

Sometimes the signal Z is added to them, which is also called - zero point. This parameter is starting position from which measurement cycle starts. At working with sensor is necessary to set it again after each reboot.

In company`s incremental rotary encoder used following electrical interfaces:

  • Push – pull; 
  • Line driver;
  • NPN (also available with Open Collector);
  • PNP (also available with Open Collector).

The main task of electronic interfaces is to transfer data from the device to receiver.

Depending on operation type, equipment are divided into incremental optical or magnetic encoders. 

Eltra sensing technology

Operating principle in such equipment is based on light signals. Often they come out from LED and are infrared. Through a rotary encoder disk with clear and opaque marks, a special code is created. This pulse delivers into photoelectric receiver, which coding information and sends it into further smart devices.

Depending on the mechanical connection type define solid or hollow shaft incremental rotary encoders. The manufacturer produces following series:

  1. Optical solid shaft encoder. This category includes models with solid shaft connection.
  2. Incremental hollow shaft encoder. The second type is equipped with a through or blind hollow shaft.

A wide range of characteristics and coupling methods allows the client to find the most suitable model for needed tasks.

Magnetic shaft encoder

Magnetic sensors differ from optical by methods of receiving signals. They use poles, which are located on code wheel. Instead of photo optical receiver, here are used special sensors to indicate signals. Such encoder often works on the Hall effect.

Magnetic devices have a higher reliability and can be used in harsh environments. Today, these sensors are used almost everywhere: from the volume control on audio to the robotics systems.

Our company is the official Eltra encoder supplier. On site, you can find a complete catalog of the encoders at optimal price. There are also sections with ABSOLUTE ENCODERS and ACCESSORIES.

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