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Magnetic Tape is a special magnetic band for working with ETMA magnetic incremental linear encoder series.

Eltra magnetic encoder tape design

Such tape is necessary for work with Eltra magnetic linear transducers. Sensor moves along its surface during operation. The magnetic strip, produced by Eltra, consists of three layers.

The middle layer performs the main task. It provides the necessary interaction of the magnetic fields in the system elements. Layer made from elastomer, which is filled with ferrite.

Below located a layer that is made of stainless steel tape. This material is used to protect whole system from excessive magnetic fluxes and other external interference. It also connects to the top.

The third layer is made of steel strip. It performs the function of protecting entire structure from mechanical damage. Due to the high level of stiffness, such linear encoder tape is supplied separately from other parts. Therefore, buyer must independently attach it to the system. This tape comes with a double-sided acrylic glue having a thickness (0.13 mm).

Thanks to such universal design, high accuracy of individual pole is ensured. In eltra magnetic incremental tape there are two variants pitch of pole :

  1. for ETMA 1 - 5mm ;
  2. for ETMA 2 - 2mm ;

It is important to determine for which model the strip is ordered. Eltra tape can comes in lengths from 0.5 to 50 m.

Etra magnetic incremental encoder tape manual

Despite the multi-layered design, such a strip is quite easy to install. This is ensured by double-sided glue. There are several requirements that customer should necessarily pay attention before installation:

  • fixing pressure;
  • applying temperature;
  • application materials.

Fixing pressure. To obtain the best result of work, it is necessary to ensure optimal contact between the layers surfaces. For get a perfect fit, pressure must be applied evenly.

Applying temperature. Temperature at surface is the important factor. Do not recommended to apply magnetic tape on surfaces with temperatures below + 10C. Optimal temperature for good gluing is from +20 to + 37C. The best connection is achieved after 72 hours at temperature of + 21 ° C.

Application materials. The last but not least factor for proper installation is the condition of materials on which eltra linear tape is applied. It should be placed on smooth and clean surfaces. The material also must be completely dry. To do this, the installation place must be treated with a solution. It can be a mixture of water and 50% alcohol or, for example, heptane). Metal surfaces must be reliably protected from possible oxidation.

If you follow all the tips for installation, you can ensure the best tape performance.

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