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Incremental encoder is a sensor that capture and measure angular displacement of shaft connected to object`s drive. Presented type is an effective combination of accuracy and simplicity.

Operation principle of eltra incremental solid shaft encoder

Such device is able to track changes in angular and linear object movement. Rotary devices work thanks to code optical encoder disk, which installed in the design.

Such device consists of several main parts:

  1. Code disk.
  2. Receiver.
  3. Electrical interface.
  4. Mechanical interface.

On rotary encoder disk, special marks are placed in a certain order. Wheel is connected to the shaft via a mechanical interface. In presented model, connection is provided by solid shaft. Additional mounting is performed with fixing couplings and flanges.

During rotation, a special beam is directed at the incremental encoder disk marks. The receiver, which is located on the other wheel side, processes received pulses and records obtained result. Further, collected information via electrical interface goes to subsequent control devices.

In incremental rotary position sensors it is need to set a reference mark, the so-called zero point, during each start. This parameter will become value from which report will be start. After re-starting work, this value will need to be re-entered.

Incremental Eltra rotary encoder series

Due to its simplicity and low price, such models are widely popular. Therefore, company produces many variants of such device to cover as many customer requests as possible.

In almost every model, it is possible to choose type of mechanical connection from several options. To improve connection with another automation devices, client can choose the most suitable shaft diameter. Connection type is describes by letter that is placed after the first numbers in order code.

Manufacturer is also created incremental quadrature shaft encoders with different directions such as:

  • axial;
  • radial;

In addition, there is a possibility of a different type of connection. On this purpose, various connectors types are manufactured.

Company also produces some special models. For example, a series of sensors with explosion protection ATEX EX 80. Thanks to modern technology, they are able to perfectly resist mechanical damage and temperature changes.

Concern produces serial encoders with enhanced protection (EL-ER-58, EL-ER 63, EH 90-115, EL-ER 90, EL-ER 115). These models also have improved level of protection against mechanical damage.

Eltra s.p.a. also took care of release devices with compact dimensions. For this purpose, a series of miniature rotary encoders has been created (EL-ER 30, EH-38, EL-ER 40). They are quite small in size and will help to save some space where it is critically needs.

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