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Signal board is a series of devices that receive and process signals from encoders.

Eltra signal interface board series

In addition to sensors, Italian company also produces signal adapters. Today eltra signal board is divided into two main categories such as:

  1. EMB; 
  2. EMD.

Each one is suitable for a specific task type.

Eltra signal splitter EMB

The signal splitter board is designed to enable wide customization and control of sensors electronic functions.

Main task of such device is separation of incremental and absolute encoders output signals. Second important property is adaptation of output phases. In addition, such device provides reliable optical isolation of system outputs. This appliance can help to avoid problems if electrical voltage is different in network.

For example, there is quadrature rotary encoder, which have output voltage of 5V and a regulator that can only accept 24V. In this case, adapter must to be used. Therefore, there can be two different voltages on board at the same time.

In addition to problems with voltage differences, such adapter can eliminate problems with incompatibility in electronics types.

It is possible to connect up to 8 devices into a single unit. Such connection will create a system with one input and several different outputs.

Information about all possible types of connected absolute or incremental encoders devices will be contained in order code.

Eltra encoder signal selector EMD

Such a board can receive output signals from several devices at once. The adapter can operate in a system with three sensors. This feature will allow board to output selected signal electronically at output.

Signals are collected with using two inputs and their connections. It is important that electrical interface of all connected absolute or incremental encoders will be the same For example push pull encoder signal should comply with push pull; ssi absolute encoder with synchronous serial interface. Therefore, customer should always need to carefully compare with specifications of connected devices.

Board has in its design three normally open contacts, which are closed when one certain input is selected.

For example, three rotary position encoders are connected to adapter with outputs 5V line driver encoder interface and data from them needs to be transferred into device with 24V input with push pull encoder wiring. In this case, signal board will coordinate all interfaces and transfer information to subsequent system elements.

To perform this function, adapter has two inputs. Logic level with a value 1 means connecting to board inputs encoders with a voltage from 5 to 24V. Such logic level can be interrupted if voltage is decrease at the level from 0 to 3V. Combination of such properties at the inputs in 1 and 2 allows to work in 4 different states. All valid conditions can be found in the manual.

It is necessary to provide signal board with power supply not lower than requested voltages on sensors and subsequent elements.

In general, adapters are very useful and sometimes completely necessary device, when you need to work with several sensors. Such appliance can eliminate some problems with incompatibility of network elements.

On our website, you can find presented series of boards from Eltra at optimal prices. Managers will help you to choose the most suitable model for your particular case. Call now!

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