Eltra 360 degree rotary encoders

Rotary encoders with an active angle of 360 degrees means that the device can rotate the shaft and measure results over the entire circle.


  1. Eltra EML series
  2. EML 50 A/B/BY
  3. EML 50 F/G

Eltra EML series

Eltra s.p.a. produces models of rotary sensors with different active angle. The most popular Eltra encoders with working zone of 360 degrees are:

  1. EML 50 A/B/BY
  2. EML 50 F/G

Both categories are related to absolute magnetic sensors type. Such principle of operation allows measuring the absolute angle of encoder shaft rotation. This means that device can report about the current offset parameter at the any moment.

Measurement via magnetic fields let sensors to work in harsh conditions and with different temperature. Such equipment is not very sensitive to changes in the environment. However, the accuracy of the results may be negatively affected by presence of other magnetic fields in system.

Sensors with determining the active angle of rotation over the entire working radius are demanded in numerous branches of industrial automation. They are very popular, for example, in robotics. Let's consider each of series in detail.


Devices of this category belong to the type of single-turn magnetic encoders. They have a sturdy housing made of EN-FW 2011 aluminum and shaft that are made of stainless steel 1.4305 (AISI 303). Such models also have two ball bearings, which are made of aluminum and have a high lifetime up to 10 9 revolutions.

In total, three series of eltra encoders belong to this category:Eltra encoder EML50A scheme image

  • EML 50 A
  • EML 50 B
  • EML 50 BY

EML 50 A is a sensor that is mechanically connecting via solid shaft and synchronous flange with diameter of 25 mm.

EML 50 B is model that can also be mounted using a synchronous flange with diameter 30mm.

EML 50 BY is identical to series 50A encoders except having anodized flange.

Presented series work with voltage or current electrical interface. Its power supply is in the range up to 28 V DC. Presented devices can operate with a resolution up to 12 bits with maximum rotation speed of 3000 rpm.

The EML series has a code reset function that greatly simplifies general device setup. Both axial and radial connection models are available. This is achieved using a cable or M12 connector (the female connector is also included in the standard assembly).

EML 50 F/G

The F and G series are variation of the previous models but with blind hollow shaft. They are also absolute single-turn encoders with a magnetic principle of action. As in the previous category, its housing is made of aluminum, and its shaft is made of stainless steel.

The device has IP65 / IP67 protection level. Two models are available in such category:Eltra encoder EML current electrical interface scheme image

  • EML 50 F
  • EML 50 G

EML 50 F is mounted using a blind hollow shaft with stator coupling.

EML 50 G is installed using a torque pin.

Encoders operate with power supply in the range from 12 to 28 V DC. Models with two types of electrical interface are available: voltage (with output in range of 0 ... 10 V) and current (0 ... 20 mA).

The mounting can be made radially or axially. Connection achieved via cable or M12 connector.

The company produces EML series sensors with several types of active angles including:

  • 360°
  • 270°
  • 180°
  • 90°

To get a rotary 360 encoder, the customer needs to pay attention to order code (the active angle is displayed after model name e.g. EML 50F 360).

On our website eltra-encoder.eu you can find both types of presented encoders. To check information about the most suitable models, delivery conditions in your region and stock availability, please contact our managers.

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