Eltra AAM58 R updated encoder

AAM58 R is the updated version of the optical multi-turn absolute encoder AAM 58 for factory automation applications.AAM58R encoder

AAM 58R series advantages

In the spring of 2019, the company announced the release of a new version of the AAM58 series. The letter R is added to emphasize the revolutionary technologies that were integrated in the new assembly. Such series is an upgraded version that meets the growing demands of the industrial automation market.

The new model was improved in the following characteristics:

  • Performance
  • Adaptability
  • Speed of measurement

Performance is greatly improved due to new protocols and hardware. Adaptability is provided by wide flexibility of the device. There is possibility to adjust resolution, direction of rotation and speed units of measure in the equipment.

Upgraded encoders use the new fieldbus system EthernetCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology). This technology was created specifically for working with industrial equipment.

Ethernet CAT is similar to Ethernet system but it has several advantages:

  • Increased response time
  • Reduced data traffic
  • Low cost of implementation
  • More accurate data

This is achieved thanks to Ring Topology that allows all network devices to communicate more efficiently. An updated version AAM58R fits optimally into such system.

The series also works using the Profinet IO electronic interface. This interface connects several encoders at once to a single network. The big advantage of this connection is the ability to control and configure all devices through a one PC.

Series Specification

New encoder has a metal housing from EN-AW 2011 aluminum and an enclosure rating of IP65. Body external diameter is 58 mm.Eltra encoder AAM58 R

Shaft is made of stainless steel 1.4305 / AISI 303. The range of available shaft diameters reduced to 12 mm compared to the previous types.

Three versions are available in the series:

  • AAM58R B
  • AAM58R C
  • AAM 58R F

Models B and C have a solid shaft, while Type F has a blind hollow one.

Power supply is from 10 to 30 V with reverse polarity protection. Equipment has acceptable electromagnetic compatibility (EU) in accordance with the 2014/30 / EU directive and RoHs in accordance with 2011/65 / EU.

The single turn working principle is based on optical transmissive technology. Single turn resolution is equal to 13 bits. OptoASIC technology is used in optical measurement. Data is transmitted using binary code.

Multiturn operation principle is performed using gears. Series have 12 bit of multiturn resolution. Thus, its total resolution is 25 bits.

Max. rotation speed can reach up to 6,000 rpm. The product may work with temperatures from - 40 to + 80 °C (- 40 ... + 176 °F). The device can be stored in temperatures up to + 85 °C (+ 185°F).

In addition to standard assemblies, it is also possible to customize the sensor to order.

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