ELTRA encoders for servo motors

Feedback is a very important part in servomotors operation and most often it is based on the encoder work.

Eltra encoders in servo motor

A feature of servomotors is the ability to control motor drive rotation. This is provided by a whole system of additional connected devices. In order to make effective control over motor shaft rotation, it is necessary to track its speed and frequency.

For such work in feedback systems encoders are using. They are placed directly on the motor shaft or connected to it with help of additional devices (for example, elastic couplings). Such connection allows device to take control of rotor revolutions.

With the use of special pulses encoder receives, processes and provides information about the shaft movement. It can monitor distance of rotation was made, as well as speed and direction. The received data is converted in device into a special code and sent further to the control system. Thus, all measuring work of motor movement parameters is assigned to encoder.

Eltra Encoders for Motors

The Italian company has released several incremental series specifically for working with servomotors. Here the most popular of eltra encoders for servo motor control:

  1. EL 49 C/P.
  2. EH 50 FA/FP.

Both models have a similar design, however, they differ in functions and tasks. ELTRA EL 49 C / P encoder`s series designed specifically for work in feedback systems of asynchronous servo motors. Mechanical coupling is performed by using blind hollow and through hollow shaft. Such model has a high variability. For example, one of three available electrical interfaces can be chosen:

  • push-pull;
  • line driver;
  • NPN open collector.

It is also possible to choose bore diameter. Its size has range from 6 to 12.7 mm. Such device is capable to perform work at 6000 rpm and at 150 kHz output frequency.

In general, it is excellent device for accurate and reliable work on measuring the movement of the asynchronous electric motors shaft.

EH 50 FA/FP encoders are also widely used. However, unlike the previous series it’s designed to work with small-sized motors. Device has a compact size, which saves space in the servo control system.

Mechanical connection is providing by through hollow shaft. There are two options for such coupling. Device can be mounted both from front side and from the back. As in the previous series, several variants of electrical interface (push pull, line driver, RS-422) and bore size (from 6 to 10 mm) are available.

Encoder can operate at 6000 revolutions per minute, while ensuring the accuracy of the result reach up to 1024 ppr. It also has a pretty good (IP 65) protection level.

In general, such encoder is an accurate and reliable device, despite its small size. Compact design is one of its main advantages.

Eltra company supplies into world market quite different types of sensors especially for working with motors. On our website you can find all presented series models.

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