Eltra miniaturized rotary encoders

Eltra miniature encoders include sensors with the smallest dimensions.

Mini Encoder Series

Often there are situations when it is necessary to save working space in various industrial applications. Some devices, for example small motors, also need smaller sensors for operating.

In such situations, encoders are needed to perform measurements of the angular displacement and do not take up much space. At the same time, the conditions often require the same accuracy as standard analogues from them.

For such cases, the Eltra s.p.a. company created several types of miniature sensors. Their main difference is the greatly reduced dimensions, compared with standard models.

The Eltra miniature encoders have following types:

  • absolute singleturn magnetic;
  • absolute multiturn magnetic;
  • incremental kit;
  • incremental optical;
  • incremental magnetic.

Such variety of manufactured models allows customers to choose the most suitable one for specific application.

Let's consider each type in detail.

Absolute miniature sensors

Such sensors can determine current position of a measurable object immediately after switching on. Eltra has created 4 series of such absolute magnetic type encoders:

  1. EAM 36 A
  2. EAM 36 F/G
  3. EA 36 A
  4. EA 36 F/G

Presented sensors are also divided into single-turn and multi-turn.

Multiturn miniature encoders

EAM 36 A and F / G are multiturn magnetic encoders. They use Magnetic ASIC and Energy Harvesting contactless technologies in their work.

Devices have multi-turn resolution from 1 to 39 bits and single-turn up to 12 bits. This allows it to compete with standard sensors in measurement accuracy.

Among them, customer can choose the best option for mechanical connection. The eam36a model has a solid shaft and a 36m / g hollow shaft.

Singleturn miniature encoders

Sometimes you need an absolute sensor to work, but it is no necessary to memorize data for a long period. In this case, one-turn sensors are the best choice.

Single-turn absolute encoders are available in two types

  1. EA 36 A
  2. EA 36 F / G

Such devices work by using Magnetic Asic technology.

EA 36 A is a model that has a solid shaft, and the mechanical connection is possible by using fixing flanges.

EA 36 F / G has a blind hollow shaft. Mechanical connection can be made directly with coupling to the stator or with torque pin.

Both series have high single-turn resolution up to 12 bits (4096 ppr). Reliability is enhanced by split chambers in design.

Incremental kit miniature encoders

Kit encoders are designed specifically for use in small electric motors. They can work in motors with both direct and alternating current. Such sensors can also work with stepper motors, as well as with other devices.

Miniature prefabricated incremental sensors are available in three models:

  1. EH17-30M
  2. EH17-30MH
  3. EMI 30M

The first two models are optical sensors, and the last one is magnetic.

EH17-30M is an optical incremental sensor. The eh17m models have a special additional flange for connection. Devices can give results with a resolution up to 1024 ppr.

EH17-30MH is also an optical incremental sensor, but has a much higher resolution. They work with resolutions in the range from 2,000 to 5,000 ppr. It is suitable when high-precision results are needed.

EMI 30M is a magnetic incremental encoder. Unlike optical devices, it is more reliable, but less accurate. It has a resolution in range from 10 to 90 ppr.

Each of the presented series is designed for special tasks.

Optical Incremental miniature encoders

Such incremental mini-encoders are designed to work in small-sized devices. They can measure object angular displacement with accuracy as standard versions.

Three series of compact incremental shaft eltra encoders are produced:

  1. EH 38 A / B / D
  2. EL-ER 30 E / H
  3. EL-ER-40

All models have a solid hollow shaft, but differ in characteristics and size.

EH 38 A-B-D is incremental encoder with a diameter of 38 mm. Clamping and square flange model versions available to choose. It have resolution up to 1024 ppr.

EL-ER-30 E-H is shaft encoder with a diameter of 30 mm. Models with clamping flange and with special M18 thread are available. It have resolution up to 2500 ppr.

EL-ER 40 A / B / C / H / I / N / X is an optical incremental sensor with a diameter of 42mm. It can work not only in small devices, but also as a standard encoder. Such device has a resolution up to 14440 (in models A and B) and 2500 in another. There are available many options for additional coupling.

In general, it can be said that miniature encoders produced by ELTRA s.p.a. can satisfy the most of customer’s needs.

On our website https://eltra-encoder.eu you can find more detailed characteristics of all presented models.

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