Eltra high resolution incremental encoders

The categories of encoders with a high resolution include sensors which having more than 10,000 ppr. Such devices can perform special complicated tasks in production.

High resolution eltra encoders

Incremental encoders are used almost everywhere in production. However, there are tasks requiring a very high accuracy level. For this situations, Eltra has created high-resolution sensors.

Optical sensors are more accurate than magnetic analogs, so in such cases they are in priority. Resolution is ensured by step at which marks are located on sensor`s optical disk. The more distance is less, the more labels on disk. For example, if resolution of encoder is 10,000 pulses per revolution, this means that the same number of such marks are placed on disk working surface.

Each of them will have its own value when a light beam passes through it. This will allow receiver to record the most accurate change in shaft position.

Eltra high resolution rotary encoder series.

The Italian company has released several sensors series with high resolution. Such incremental encoders can be divided into two groups by the type of mechanical connection: with solid shaft and with hollow shaft.

All devices, which belongs to represented class, have three channels for outgoing signals (A / B / Z).

Eltra high resolution solid shaft encoders series 

Devices in this category are connected by using flexible couplings and flanges. The manufacturer has released following series of high resolution  shaft encoders:

  • el-er 40;
  • el-er 58;
  • el-er 63;
  • el-er 90a/115a.

EL-ER 40 series encoders have resolutions up to 14000 ppr. Sensors are designed with compact dimensions. Several electrical interfaces and connection types are available here. It is important to note that only A and B models have this resolution. The remaining sensors have just 2500 ppr. Devices are used for work in industrial automation when high accuracy is required.

EL-ER 58 encoders have one of the highest eltra resolution - 24000 ppr. This makes device the most accurate in entire category. It has additional mechanical protection. Device also successfully copes with axial and radial shaft beating, which is necessary for accurate measurements. It can be installed on both synchronous and clamping flanges. It is used in a wide variety of industrial applications with high requirements to results.

EL-ER 63 A / D are encoders that also have very high resolutions up to 24000. It shaft diameter from 8 to 10 mm. Device can be connected by using synchronous or centering flange of various sizes. Appliance is equipped with high protection degree against mechanical damage.

EL-ER90 A / 115 A encoders that have a resolution of up to 10,000 prr. The model number determines type of mechanical connection. Devices with code 90A are mounted by using a synchronous flange and 115A on a REO-444. They have shaft diameter from 8 to 11 mm. Thanks to the reinforced housing sensors can work in harsh environments.

EX 80 A / D series of encoders with installed explosion protection. They operate with resolution up to 10,000 ppr. Model has only one possible option for diameter of 10 mm. Widely used to work in explosive environments.

Hollow shaft eltra optical encoders with high resolution

The company also produces hollow-shaft sensors for accurate measurements. Their feature is the ability to mount directly on another device shaft without additional equipment. This type include following eltra encoder hollow shaft series:

  • em-er 38 f/g;
  • el-er 53 a/b;
  • el-er 72 a/b.

They have the same shaft type, but their main specifications are different.

EM-ER 38 F / G are encoders that have resolution up to 14400 ppr. Mechanical connection is provided by blind hollow shaft with size up to 10 mm. Device is fixed by stator coupling or torque pin. It is used in industrial automation and in work with asynchronous motors.

EL-ER 53 A / B includes encoder models with resolutions up to 10,000 ppr. The device is connected with using adjustable flange. It has built-in couplings, which eliminates the axial and radial clearance. Designed for direct mounting on motors.

EL-ER 72 A / B series of encoders with high level of protection against mechanical damage. Can produce results with resolutions up to 24000 ppr. Model has a huge selection of output types. It is used for mounting directly on servomotors.

As we can see from the above categories, Italian company Eltra has released high-resolution sensor models for various purposes and conditions. Therefore, client can choose the most suitable design type and get a high level resolution at same time.

On our website, you can find all of presented sensors series.

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