Linear Eltra Encoders: the best decision for tracking rectilinear displacement measurements

A linear encoder is a device that measures the movements of an object along one axis and convert them into a special signal. Such devices are sensors or linear transducers that encode the location of a part using a special scale.

eltra-linear-encoderEltra Sensing Technology offers magnetic linear encoders with a shaft or cursor, with different levels of housing protection, and with various mounting methods (brackets, flanges or self-leveling ball joints).

Construction of Linear Encoder and Eltra Potentiometer

Eltra linear transducers consist of the following main components:

  •     linear scale;
  •     mechanical and electrical interface;
  •     optical or magnetic sensor;

The method of potentiometer signal transmission can be magnetic or optical. In more detail, they can be divided into devices with optical and photoelectric scanning, sensors with a magnetic field and potentiometers.

A potentiometer is an adjustable device that is capable of sharing electrical voltage. Actually it is a variable resistor.

The principle of operation is based on the calculation of the change in resistance based on the displacement of the object in the electrical circuit. Potentiometers are formed by a wire or metal layer wrapped in an insulating carrier, and a moving contact that moves along the conductor.
Eltra Linear Encoders Catalog

Basic models of linear encoders:

    Linear optical - magnetic transducers
    Absolute linear potentiometers
    Magnetostrictive linear transducers
    Wire encoders

Among the models there are different variations with a hollow and solid shaft, with a variety of couplings and other mounting methods. Also, such devices assume different degrees of protection depending on the strength requirements that are put forward in the working conditions.

We should also focuse on magnetostrictive transducers with integrated contactless magnetic sensor technology, which represent the evolution of linear potentiometers, because they improve the sensor operation and have a large number of electronic outputs (analog, digital, field buses).

Thanks to such a wide range, the company managed to provide the necessary models for almost all applications.
The main series of Eltra Encoder
Magnetostrictive Linear Transducers


Absolute Linear Potentiometers


Linear Incremental Transducers

    EC 34
    ER A, ER C, ER B, ER F, ER E, ER D
    ETMA 1 / 2
    RH 200 A / B / C
    RL 500 - RM 500 A / B / C

Wire Encoders

    FE 1500 / FE 4000
    FES 3000 / FES 6000 / FES 15000

Eltra Linear Sensors Benefits

Eltra linear encoders have high accuracy, a large margin of safety and easy installation into the system. The standard piston stroke, depending on the model, is from 10 to 1250 mm.

Easy installation is made thanks to the presence of a groove in the potentiometer housing. This will be the best solution for the most used production machines.

The main advantages of sensors:

    durable and reliable case;
    wide range of operating temperatures from -400 ° C to + 750 ° C;
    high accuracy of data readings;
    ease and ease of use;
    as long as possible service life;
    analog and extremely simple interface;
    compliance with IP67 protection class, IP69.

The design has a rod for installation inside the hydraulic pistons or in the profile housing, which will provide a convenient installation.

Eltra Trade s.r.o. is a official Eltra encoder distributor and offers the best prices and terms of delivery for all model range of Eltra Sensing Technology.

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