Eltra Absolute Rotary Encoder









Absolute encoders are sensors that captures angular or linear moving of own shaft and turns this value into digital electrical signal. In contrast to incremental type, they are able to remember current position even when power is turned off and can to immediately reproduce current data when switching on. Therefore, there is no need to pass the zero point.

Absolute magnetic and optical encoders

According to the method of receiving signals, sensors are divided into two types: optical and magnetic.

The measuring system of the absolut encoder consists of several parts. The light source provides a signal through coding wheel (optical disk with special marks). Special photodetector captures pulses and sends them to microcontroller or microprocessor, which converts received information into a binary
The principle of operation in absolute magnetic encoder consists in the interaction of magnetic poles on own disk with special sensors. Often use sensors based on the Hall`s effect.
The following interfaces are installed on company`s sensors:

  1. Analogue.
  2. Bit parallel.
  3. Serial Transmission.
  4. Fieldbus (Profibus or Profinet).

By design, main sensors also divided into single turn or multi turn encoder.

Singleturn encoder is device which determine object`s position for one revolution by own disc, equal to 360 degrees. After shaft has passed one rotation, the obtained values are reading again from beginning.
Multiturn encoder is able to detect and store information about more than one wheel revolution. In design, it has several disks and gears.

Eltra spa series 

Company produces a huge number of different options and models. The manufacturer has created special devices for almost all application types.
ELTRA divide products into 4 main categories by design and signal type.

  • Optical single turn absolute encoder. (EA, EAX);
  • Multi turn absolute rotary encoder. (EAM, AAM, EAMX);
  • Singleturn magnetic encoder. (EMA, EML);
  • Multiturn magnetic rotary encoder. Include series: (EAM, EAMW).

Optical sensors are more accurate. Magnetic devices have better reliability and can work in harsh environments. Both type has they own benefits. Before choosing a model, customer must know exactly for what purposes he needs a sensor. It is also important to consider conditions which encoder work at.
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