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Hand wheel is a special device that can be used to regulate positioning on manual CNC machines.

Eltra Electronic hand wheel Specifications

The presented device can set the movement of machine parts by rotating its own wheel. By the principle of operation device is similar to incremental encoder working principle.

Manufacturer produces models with adjustable zero pulse and without that function. Device has three channels for different encoder output signal types (A, B, Z). Through them, information in the form of a code is transmitted to subsequent smart devices.

Such appliance may have a good resolution. In some models it can reach up to 2500ppr.

Mechanical connection with other system`s elements is provided by fixed flanges and shaft coupling. This allow creating strong and reliable transfer of movement between devices. Shaft is made of stainless steel, which significantly increases its strength and durability. The manufacturer produces appliance only with a solid shaft.

Two ball bearings additionally provide quality of rotation. The company produces options with different electrical interfaces.

Eltra electronic wheels available with:

  • NPN open collector;
  • Push-pull;
  • Line driver;
  • RS-422.

Due to this diversity customer can choose the most suitable model for his case. There are also different variations of encoder connection types. It can be standard cable or special connectors such as MIL or JIS.

Eltra handwheels series

Presented devices are already widely used in different industries around the world. Eltra s.p.a releases two electronic hand-wheels series:

  1. EV B.
  2. EV C.

They have some differences in design and objectives.

Eltra electronic handwheel EV-B. As mechanical connection, a fixing flange with 56 mm diameter is used. It is possible to set the starting parameter of zero pulse. Models in this category have resolutions from 100 to 2500 ppr. This allows appliance to work with excellent accuracy. For dynamic connection with other devices, a solid shaft with 10 mm diameter is used. The housing is made of reinforced fiberglass and quite durable.

Eltra electronic handwheel EV-C. Presented series has a fixing flange with 40 mm diameter. Solid shaft provides connection with moving parts of other devices. Its diameter is 6mm. This category has a resolution just up to 100 ppr and was designed to perform simple tasks. A nickel-plated brass housing protects entire structure.

Both types are widely used in productions and successfully performed tasks in many industries that use CNC machines.

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