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The measuring wheel is a special device that is designed to perform constant, long-term linear measurements in industrial environments.

Eltra measuring encoder wheels design

A feature of such a device is continuous contact with measurement object. This type of work requires special attention to contacting surfaces.

Therefore, on wheel part, which is in direct contact with measurement objects, a special rubber layer is applied. Such material has own special properties. One of the main tasks is to eliminate slip effect. Such function is not provided in standard versions of incremental and absolute encoder eltra.

Surface layer also perfectly counteracts the ingress of oils on it. Such protective properties can defend important areas and provide excellent grip during operation.

Housing of the sensor is made of aluminum and has good strength. Sensor is mounted on a special device - oscillating arm. This placement allows having the reliability and adjustability of device in long period contact with other surfaces.

Appliance has three types of output signals (A, B, Z). Their action is similar to other absolute encoders and incremental encoders. For data and power transmission in Eltra measuring wheels several types of connectors are used:

  • MIL;
  • JIS;
  • M23;
  • M18.

This variation allows client to choose the most optimal type of connection The standard encoder cable length is 1.5 m.

Transmitted resolution depends on the specific model. The largest parameter of entire series reaches up to 10,000 ppr. In manufactured devices, there are some variations of electrical quadrature encoder interfaces. They include the most commonly used ones in eltra sensors such as: push-pull, line driver, npn collector and RS-422.

Eltra measuring wheel series

Company divides the manufactured sensors into two categories. Eltra s.p.a. produced the following main series:

Eltra RH measuring wheel have very compact size. It is advantage allows using it in cases where the size of the sensor is important. Connection is made by using a cable. It has an IP54 protection level.

Eltra RL500 measuring wheel is a universal sensor for measuring linear displacements. The design allows a wide range of connection options.

Eltra measuring wheel RM500 is a device that has an internal clutch for connection. This allows it to be used in specific conditions when a flexible shaft coupling is required.

All presented series perform similar functions. They are widely used in such industries as:

  • textile;
  • woodworking;
  • glass, etc.

Most often, these sensors are operated in cutting machines. All presented series have models that provide different types of connections. Client can also choose the most suitable work surface.

On website, you will find many variable models of measuring encoder wheels produced by eltra. Our company is official supplier of Eltra s.p.a., so you will find products at the best prices. We provide feedback at all stages. Call now!

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