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Incremental Linear Encoder

























An incremental linear encoder is a special sensor that designed to track movement along one axis. The operation range in such device depends on distance of piston stroke.

Eltra linear encoder operating principle

In contrast to rotary angle encoders, this devices measure linear displacements of an object. Therefore, their design have some differences. Presented category includes both optical and magnetic models according to operation principle.

The need to measure in one straight line creates special requirements for design and component parts. First of all, there is no code disk in such system. A special linear scale with marks performs this function in encoder.

In magnetic version, special poles are placed on the tape. Any movement of an object is fixed by a certain mark on linear encoder scale.

The incremental encoder basics is in the principle that the parameters of the control point must be set before starting of work. There is possibility to have some variations of zero point position in the eltra linear incremental sensors:

  1. Without adjustable zero point.
  2. With central zero index.
  3. With right zero index.
  4. With left zero index.

It is important to consider that the last three options are available only in optical version. The maximum stroke length in the series is 500 mm. This means that device can operate over such distance.

Eltra linear incremental encoder specification

The presented category of devices includes 6 different types. The range of such sensors includes following series for incremental linear Eltra encoders:

  • ERA;
  • ERB;
  • ERC;
  • ERD;
  • ERE;
  • ERF.

First model works by an optical principle of action, the others are magnetic. Depending on the selected version, the resolution value can also be different. In presented category, this indicator ranges from 0.1 to 1 mm in magnetic models, and in optical ones, it is equally to 0.2 mm.

There are several types of connections produced by manufacturer. Eltra incremental linear encoders are available with:

  • NPN;
  • Push pull;
  • Line driver.

Due to variation of products the client has a good opportunity to choose the most suitable interface.

Eltra linear transducer is an excellent device when it is necessary to provide simple and high-quality measurement of an object moving in one straight line. Magnetic linear encoder versions have less accurate results but more reliable and durable in operation. Devices design efficiency is in its simplicity. The presence of various options will allow customer to choose the most appropriate model.

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