Eltra Linear Transducer 800 mm



Encoder linear it’s a type of electromechanical device that record object`s movement along single axis. Such products, manufactured by ELTRA are one of the best in accuracy and reliability at the whole global industrial electronic market.

Linear transducer Design

The device is working on measuring object’s movement on straight line. That`s why its own design significantly different from rotation encoder. The equipment consists of several parts with different functions.

Mechanical interface. This system includes the housing and mechanisms, which serves to coupling devices. Measuring linear scale in encoder fixes changes object`s parameter by marks on strip. The obtained values are processed into photoelectrical receiver or magnetic sensor, depending on device`s type.

Then data is transmitted further to controlling smart devices by electrical encoder interface. Presented devices use following technologies as:

  1. Optical or photoelectrical scanning.
  2. Magnetic field effects.
  3. The use of potentiometer
  4. Magnetostrictive effect.

All categories have different application requirements.

Types of encoder linear

Company pays a lot attention to increase quality and modernization of own linear sensors. Today, Eltra spa produces various types of equipment, which can make single axis measurements. They include linear:

  • transducers ;
  • potentiometers ;
  • incremental and absolute encoders, etc.

All models are manufactured with the same high quality standards.

The manufacturer produces 3 main types depending on operation principle:

  1. Incremental linear encoder, which is similar to rotary analogue  but instead of the code wheel there is a tape.
  2. Transducer with magnetostrictive option, which use a physical effect for change objects form by magnetic fields.
  3. Potentiometer which work is based just on resistance changes, in contrast to the encoder.

Additionally, concern also manufactures various modifications, for example, a wire or rope type (FE series), using in elevator systems. The most popular models eltra:

  • ERA 200S8,
  • ERB 58b,
  • FE 1500.

Such equipment is used in robotics, mechanical engineering, motor feedback and in almost all kinds of industries.

Eltra advantages

More than 30 years of work in the automatics production allows the concern to significantly modernize and improve own products quality. Company produces a wide models range with different protection levels and specifications, which allows customer to choose the most suitable one for the specific application.

Standard piston stroke can reach up to 1250mm.

Devices have a good life cycle and they are easy to install. Because measurement is taking place in one line, the design is quite functional and reliable. Eltra encoder is accompanied to work with detailed and at the same time simple manual.

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