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Magnetic Incremental Encoder









ETMR X ALB. DIAM. 28 art. 94990041
















Incremental encoder working are required almost everywhere in production. However, in some conditions using of optical devices is impractical and impossible. For such cases, Eltra has created a line of magnetic sensors.

Eltra incremental magnetic encoders design

Magnetic devices have a relatively simple design. They are quite reliable sensors, with low price.

The main details of design are the poles that located on disk and special receivers. All working results depend on interaction of these basic parts. The most often such devices work on the principle of Hall effect. Such hall effect transducers are able to accurately capture results when poles position on the disk changes. Code wheel, in turn, is fixed on device shaft, which sets to its motion by own rotation.

Unlike optical devices, the work is provided thanks to magnetic fields and their interaction. The main feature of this method is that whole process of measurement takes place without contact. This allows to extend operation of the magnetic incremental encoder for a much longer period. It will also be a great advantage in harsh environments.

It should be noted that in incremental type sensors there is a need to set starting point of reference. This operation must be performed every time when device is turned on.

Eltra magnetic incremental encoder types

Italian company has already released several series of presented devices. Each model has its own specific application area. In addition to basic eltra encoder specification, main difference is performed in the mechanical connection of device method. There are three main types of eltra encoders:

  • with a blind hollow shaft;
  • with a solid shaft;
  • kit.

The first series includes models with serial designation EMI 38 F / G. The second category formed by EMI 63 A / D series. Third category is special kit rotary encoders. This type includes models of the EMI 22A series; 30M; 55A / AY; ETMR.

Magnetic eltra shaft encoder application area

Thanks to simple and at the same time reliable design, presented devices have gained worldwide popularity. Today such encoders successfully work in the following industrial areas:

  1. Textile
  2. Marble processing
  3. Paper production.
  4. Woodworking
  5. Glass, etc.

Due to ability of work in harsh conditions, hall effect incremental encoder is widely used in ships, where there is a danger of salt and water entering into mechanism. For the same reason, they are used in various washing systems.

Thanks to relatively low prices, devices are also operated in automatic systems in all industries types, where exceptional accuracy is not required. Instead, it can provide the measurement process with so much-needed reliability and stability. Hall effect encoder also great decision for working with motors.

On the website you can find all presented models. You can also buy online an eltra encoder at optimal price, since we are official distributor of Eltra. Our company offer only high quality original products. Call now and our managers will help you in solving all problems!


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