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Magnetic Incremental Linear Sensor

























Magnetic linear encoders are sensors that can measure object movement of along straight line in a non-contact manner with using magnetic fields.

Eltra linear magnetic encoder operating principle

The principle of operation consists in the interaction of magnetic poles. Sensor moves along a special magnetic tape and fixes positions along the marks on its surface. This method has several serious advantages over common optical encoder sensor:

  1. Very long distances for work.
  2. Ability to independently set the route
  3. High reliability design
  4. Easy assembly and installation.

For models of presented category, a special magnetic linear encoder tape EBMA has been created. On its surface applied a lot of control points. When passing through them, the sensor captures the current changes in position.

This strip consists of three layers. Stainless steel materials are specially added to it to increase strength level. Combination of all tape layers allows creating a functional and durable construction. Thanks to this method, it is possible to ensure measuring operation of linear incremental encoder in range up to 50m.

The speed of device movement during work reaches up to 4m / s. Sensor housing also made of durable materials and has a degree of protection IP67. It protects device from excessive pollution and provides additional strength from mechanical damage. The device is protected from water, sand and dust.

Eltra linear magnetic incremental encoder series

In different production conditions, the devices have various tasks. Therefore, Eltra produce two such type series of incremental magnetic linear encoders:

  1. ETMA 1
  2. ETMA 2

The main series difference is in resolution level. The first series has value of 0.1 mm (0.025 mm after quad eval). The second series already has a resolution equally 0.04 mm (0.01 mm after quad eval).

It should be noted that for each series requires its own encoder tape. Such strip has different versions, with various distances between poles. For ETMA 1, this parameter will be 5 mm when for ETMA 2, the minimum distance will already be 5 mm.

The manufacturer produces linear magnetic sensors with different types of electrical interface. Connection to system is made by using a cable.

Excellent strength level in combination with eltra contactless magnetic technology, allows such device to be used in the harshest production conditions. Today, such non contact encoder work in following areas:

  • Marble working industry
  • Glass working industry
  • In washing systems

Durability and reliability in the various conditions are the great advantage of presented series. Thanks to the contactless working way, the main parts do not wear out. This significantly increases the period of minimum service life in comparison with optical analogues. Appliance will be the ideal solution in situations where durability and reliability are necessary.

On our website you can find different versions of both produced series. We are the official supplier of Eltra, so buying from us you do not overpay. To find out linear encoder at low cost and delivery terms to your region please call at specified numbers and our managers will help you.

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