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Multiturn Absolute Magnetic Encoder

























Rotary magnetic encoder is sensor that can determine current position of an object by using magnetic fields.

Absolute magnetic encoder operation principle

Magnetic measurements are made with using hall effect absolute encoder. They record change in magnetic fields from poles, which located on special disk. This wheel is driven by shaft.

During rotation, poles pass through Hall effect sensor and current speed and direction are recorded. The shaft is connected directly to the device`s drive from which it is needed to get feedback.

Main difference between absolute and incremental encoders is in saving information. The absolute sensor when switching on can instantly give data about current position of the measured object. When turn it off, device remembers last location of wheel. This function is available thanks to special marks on such disk. Multi turn sensors have few disks in their design and are capable of measuring several parameters at once.

Such construction increase number of result options in measurements. Device is able to provide very accurate information about current movement and change in object position.

Eltra absolute multiturn magnetic encoder series

Company manufacturing three types of presented sensors. Eltra s.p.a. has created the next series of magnetic shaft encoder:

  • EAM 36A;
  • EAM 36F/G;
  • EAM 58B/C – 63 A/D.

They all have the same working principle, but are created with different design and objectives.

The EAM 36A is a series of miniature solid shaft encoder. Device operation is based on Magnetic ASIC and Energy Harvesting contactless measurement eltra sensing technology. It has multi-turn resolution up to 39 bits and one-turn resolution equally 12 bits. Such appliance suitable for situations where it is necessary to work in minimal space.

EAM 36F / G is an encoder magnetic sensor with a blind hollow shaft. Multi-turn resolution reaches at 39 bits and singleturn resolution up to 12 bits. Due to small design size, it is able to provide very accurate measurements in minimum space.

EAM 58B / C - 63 A / D series of universal magnetic rotary encoders for use in industrial automation systems. Device have a solid shaft. It has maximum resolution of 24 bits (12 one-turn and 12 multi-turn). Such sensor is suitable for situations when high reliability and accuracy of measurements in harsh conditions are required from encoder.

All devices of presented series have a reliable design. It provides by a sturdy stainless steel housing. The devices have a protection level IP 67- IP65. Such design helps to realize main advantages of magnetic measurement method in harsh conditions, where optical sensors can`t work.

To ensure devices stability and reliability, there is a code reloading function. All sensors in presented series use an electrical ssi encoder interface. Synchronization flange ensures the mechanical connection.

On the website you can buy magnetic rotary encoder of all the series presented. We are official distributors and therefore can offer optimal price and favorable methods of delivery. Call now and our managers will help you choose a model!

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