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Multiturn absolute optical encoder

























The multiturn encoder is an extended version of a singleturn device. In addition to counting and tracking information about current angular object position, it can show data about several other parameters. For example, device may provide number of turns and speed.

Multi turn absolute rotary encoder advantages

Unlike its single-turn analogs, multi-turn sensors are able to perform more detailed analytics about regarding dynamic movement of an object. Due to extended functionality, they have a more complex structure. In such sensors are installed several additional rotary encoder discs.

One of them performs the same function, as in single-turn models such as monitoring angular change in shaft position. Design also have additional wheels that can measure number of revolutions, direction and other parameters.

When device disconnected from power, all information about current position is saved. This happens due to special marks applied to optical encoder disc. Current disks position when power is off allows to physically remember the latest results.

Such sensors have two types of rotary encoder resolution:

  • singleturn
  • multiturn

The first parameter indicates operation of main wheel. It is measured in number of pulses per revolution (ppr), which are converted into bits. This parameter is called single-turn resolution.

In the second case, working results of additional disks are displayed. They also record number of revolutions. Resulting parameter is called multi-turn encoder resolution and it is also fixed in bits.

In Eltra encoder specifications, the single-turn resolution can be indicated in bits or in pulses per revolution (ppr). In multiturn models, this parameter can be noted in number of revolutions or in bits.

Eltra multiturn absolute encoder versions

The Italian company produces several series of such devices. They have different mechanical and electrical interface. Customer can choose the most suitable version. Available both solid and hollow shaft absolute encoder. In almost every series customer also can choose one of several couplings types.

In general, such sensors are divided into two main categories:

  1. With solid shaft. This type includes following series EAM 58-63, EAM 90-115, EAM 58 with profibus, EAM 80-115 profibus, AAM 58 with profinet.
  2. With hollow shaft. This category includes next models: EAM 58F-EAM 63F, EAM 68-63 with PROFIBUS, and AAM 58 F with Profinet.

The company also produces specialized encoder absolute of the EAMX 80 series. Devices of this type are equipped with a high level of explosion protection ATEX. Increased reliability level allows them to work in the harshest conditions.

Eltra s.p.a. also produces a specialized line of AAM 38 BISS. This is miniature sensors that have very small dimensions. With a compact size, they are able to perform accurate and high-quality measurements.

The most important advantage of absolute multi turn encoder is ability to measure several parameters at the same time. This allows them to be successfully used in industrial automation and robotics. They perform an excellent feedback function between the mechanical part of the device and control systems.

On our website you can find the most suitable model of multi-turn sensor. To check selected absolute encoder price and delivery terms call by the indicated numbers. We have the best ratio of speed, product quality and price. Call now!

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