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Besides to the main encoder series, Eltra s.p.a also manufactured additional accessories for them. That products allows to significantly improve and upgrade most of released models.

Eltra encoders and sensors

This category include specialized equipment. Such devices can help to solve some industrial problems.                     

Sensor on rack for linear encoding. Appliance is firmly mounted on special stand. This approach allows solving problems, associated with measurements operation at large distances.

It has three types of channels outputs (A, B, Z). The first and the second allow to transmit a signal in the form of square waves, and Z displays the numeric value of the zero point. Maximum frequency of that quad encoder can reach up to 2500ppr.

It can be excellent decision for cases when it is necessary to get exact measurement on one straight line for long distances. Category includes all types of devices at EC 34 series.

Measuring wheels. Such appliances are designed for situations where it is necessary to get fast measurement of linear motion. Equipment is able to provide endless contact with measured surface. Housing of the miniature encoder is made of aluminum, and contact surface is equipped with high-level protection against oil and slipping. Most often such equipment is used on conveyors, woodworking and textile industries. Includes series: RH 200; RL-RM 200/ 500.

Rotary potentiometer. Special type of rotary sensors based on potentiometric operations. The manufacturer produces multi-turn and single-turn of rotary potentiometers, as well as encoders.

Device has a strong housing and a mobile system with ball bearings. It`s connected to industrial systems by round flange. Customer also can choose different output connections, for example, cable.

Electronic Hand wheel. Device is designed to perform positioning analysis on CNC machines. It has three channels of signal (A, B, Z) with a maximum resolution of 2500 ppr. There are models with cable and connector type output. Mechanical connection with industrial equipment occurs through fixing coupling. It can produce up to 220 kHz outgoing frequency.

Signal spitter for encoder. Special board is designed specifically to help eltra enKoders adjust electrical parameters in work. This is achieved by the output signal adaptation function. Appliance will allow to operate without problems with different voltages. Splitter can receive up to 8 different outputs from one input. Brand manufactured a wide variation of models, graduated by the type of outputs and inputs.

Signal selector. The board is intended for cases when linear and rotary transducers or encoders and connected to them devices have a different electrical interface. Up to 3 encoders can be included to network. Thanks by own operation system, device can select the most compatible equipment pair and transmits a signal to that one.

Equipment, which are presented above, can able significantly improve main series.

Eltra encoder accessories

The company constantly produces all kinds of component parts for own products. Some accessories can help further make better interaction of encoders with industrial devices.

Elastic couplings. These details are necessary part of movement transmission from rotary encoder`s shaft. They guarantee reliable connection of appliance with industrial systems. The equipment has a unique ability to significantly reduce the effects of axial and radial play and to compensate for the encoder`s shaft position misalignments. There are several series of flexible couplings for different situations:

  • GS-DA ;
  • GS-EA ;
  • GS-EP ;
  • GS-M ;
  • GS-O ;
  • GS-S.

Depending on request, each series is suitable for certain situations. To select the right model, customer should be carefully reviewed specifications. Available in various diameters and suitable for all brand`s units.

Additional accessories for all rotary encoder’s types are also produced. Category include many modifications of flanges, torque pins, tools for installation, etc.

Linear transducers have their own accessories, such as a floating cursor or cable connectors.

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