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Rotary potentiometers are sensors that are able to determine angular displacement of an object by moving special contact along resistive element.

Eltra potentiometer Design feature

Functions of potentiometer are virtually identical to rotary encoder working principle. The difference between them in design and method of obtaining information.

The pots sensor often has three terminals. Two of them are connected with constant resistance. The third terminal is mounted to a special contact that moves along resistive surface, which is located between the first pair.

Due to this displacement, two resistors are formed on such sections. During the contact movement, their area changes and, consequently, the resistance value on them as well.

Potentiometric signal it is information about the output voltage at such sliding contact. By the operation principle and design features eltra rotary pots are divided into 2 types:

  1. Single turn.
  2. Multiturn.

Eltra singleturn potentiometers are distinguished by the fact that a sliding contact can take only one turn. In such devices, resistive element is located in the form of a circle at 300-320 degrees. Such design is used in situations where one turn is more than enough. The sliding contact is set in motion due to movement of the shaft around its axis.

Eltra multiturn potentiometers have significantly more functionality. The resistive element is placed in them in a screw method or in spiral form. Eltra s.p.a. produces devices with the ability to move the contact in three turns (1080 degrees) or in ten turns (3600 degrees). Such operation principle allows sensors to have higher resolution and accuracy. These devices are suitable for performing more different tasks then previous pot series.

As a result of work in both categories a large amount of heat is produced. Therefore, the housing must have resistance to temperature changes and good heat conductivity. Eltra for this purpose uses reinforced fiberglass PA 66 as housing material.

Eltra rotary potentiometers series

Presented sensors work in different industrial environments where they perform variable tasks. Eltra sp.a. produces two series of such rotary potentiometric sensors:

  1. EPA.
  2. EPB.

The main difference between the devices is in the shaft`s shape. In variant A, usual smooth cylindrical shaft is used. Version B has a shaft with a toothed surface. However, in both cases the mechanical connection is made by using fixing couplings, which have holes for fastening equals Ø 30mm.

For customer It is possible to choose a model with most suitable index of resistance values. Both single turn and multi turn eltra potentiometers have several versions with different indicators type.

Sensors that work with a potentiometric signal have high accuracy and stability in measurements, and virtually do not produce noise. The disadvantages include the possibility of wear resistive element.

On our website you can find a wide range of eltra rotary potentiometer models PA and PB series. We are the official distributor of Eltra and therefore we have the most optimal prices for the company's products. Our company always work on result. Call now!


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