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Singleturn Absolute Optical Encoder

























Eltra absolute encoder can accurately measure angular displacement of an object. Unlike incremental sensors, they memorize last position even after switching off. The simplest version of such category is single-turn absolute encoder.

How do Eltra single turn absolute rotary encoders work?

The most important design details are code wheel and receivers. Singleturn encoders have one wheel, which is responsible for main task. It is determining of angular object displacement. Single-turn sensor have simple design, meanwhile it is capable of providing a high-level accuracy measurement. The devices can provide measurement accuracy up to 8192 ppr. Such encoder use the unique eltra sensing technology of OptoAsic.

In addition to design of main parts, system work is also ensured by operation of mechanical and electrical interfaces. The first one provides a reliable parts coupling with other devices. The electrical interface is transmit information over network within system and carry out power to the device.
Both elements are also clearly important structure components. The series use several types of rotary encoder interface:

  1. Bit Parallel.
  2. SSI.
  3. Analogue.
  4. Profinet.

Customers also have opportunity to independently choose most suitable interface for their own situation. 

Etra single turn encoder series

During production of new models, company tries to take into account all customer’s needs. Therefore, for each series, they produce a wide range of models.
Such devices are divided into several categories depending on mechanical interface type. Eltra spa currently produces optical single turn encoders of following types:

  • solid shaft (EA 58 b/c – 63 a/d/e; EA 90 A -115 A);
  • solid shaft with Profibus (same models like previus);
  • blind hollow shaft (EA- 58 f – EA 63 f/g);
  • blind hollow shaft with Profibus (same like previus).

As shown in previous table, some series can be issued with different combinations of interfaces. Therefore, it is very important for customer to specify preferred type when ordering.
In addition to standard models, a separate series with explosion proof encoder is also available. Such encoders use the same sensing technology (OptoAsic), however, they have ultra-high level protection for working in explosive environments.

Client can also choose the most needful flange type. Eltra manufactures connectors for virtually any coupling. Therefore, such eltra encoders are free to work without adapters in Brasil, Portugal, India or USA or many other countries. In conclusion, it is need to be said that single-turn absolute sensor is an excellent combination of simplicity and accuracy.

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