Eltra AAM 33M encoder

AAM 33M absolute multiturn magnetic encoder is a new high-resolution sensor by Eltra s.p.a. with a modular design and miniature dimensions.


  1. Encoder Eltra aam 33m
  2. Advantages and application of aam33
  3. Characteristics of aam33

Encoder Eltra aam 33m

Modern productions need powerful sensors that can be quickly integrated into the system. That’s why, in the spring of 2019, company began development of an absolute multiturn kit encoder. Thus, a model AAM 33M was created.

Such encoders have a modular design without bearings. The device manufactured as an assembly kit.

Advantages and application of aam33

The new model is designed to work in various areas where accuracy and is required, as well as simple and fast installation.

The aam38 encoder from Eltra has several advantages:

  1. High resolution
  2. Wide operating temperature range
  3. Energy recovery system
  4. Modular design

High resolution. The sensor provides excellent accuracy in operation. It has 18 bits single-turn and 32 bits multi-turn resolution. Total encoder resolution is equal to 50 bits.

Wide operating temperature range. The device can work in completely different conditions. Such encoder can operate at temperatures from 40 to 115 ° C.

Energy recovery system. The company has patented a new technology for the represented model that put energy consumption recovery at a higher level.

Modular construction. Device is a bearing-less kit encoder. This significantly reduces installation time and costs, in completely any production conditions.

Features of the new design allow using the sensor in the following areas:

  • Robotics
  • Feedback motors
  • CNC systems

The presented device also can be used in other different modern industrial areas.

Let's also look at other main specifications in detail.

Characteristics of aam33

The presented device belongs to the series of multiturn absolute encoders AAM. Model 33M indicates that the outer diameter of the whole structure is equal to 33mm.

Device uses the following electrical interfaces:

  • BISS-C
  • SSI
  • RS-485

Main data in the system is transmitted using a binary code. Power supply, depending on the chosen model, can be performed by DC current in the range of 5 to 12V.

Device is connected using the M3 and M4 screw. The output type is a radial connector. In addition, the manufacturer has created a model without a mating connector.

Shaft of the device is made of brass. The tolerance of axial shaft play is 0.2 mm, and for the radial one is 0.05 mm. Since the device does not provide housing, it has an IP 00 protection level. That is, equipment is extremely sensitive to the ingress of liquids and solid parts.

For correct operation, the device requires additional shielding. This step is needed to prevent and minimize interference affecting magnetic fields.

Eltra recommends using constructions made of 1.2mm mild steel (SPCC) for such functions. Possible placement is shown on the image. Shield shape directly depends on the current characteristics of the working environment.

The standard weight of the whole structure is only 100g.

On our site eltra-encoder.eu you can order a presented model. To do this, please, contact our managers.

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