Eltra eam36 renewed classic encoder

Eltra eam36 encoder imageEltra s.p.a has released an updated model of the EAM 36 encoder, which has been available to users since the summer of 2019. Eltra EAM 36B is an updated version of the 36A series. The company has also improved units of the F / G series.


  1. The main advantages of the EAM 36 Series
  2. Renewed EAM 36 version
  3. Hollow Shaft Version Upgrades

The main advantages of the EAM 36 Series

Eltra is constantly updating its products to meet every single requirement of the modern industry. The multi-turn absolute encoder EAM36 has already gained worldwide popularity. It was achieved due to many of its advantages such as robust compact housing and system versatility.

In total, three models were released by summer of 2019:

  • EAM 36 A (solid shaft with fixing flanges)
  • EAM 36 F (blind hollow shaft with stator coupling)
  • EAM 36 G (blind hollow shaft with torque pin)

Devices are quickly mounted due to the code reset function (so-called zeroing). Non-contact measurement is carried out using the functions Magnetic ASIC and Energy Harvesting. Autonomous power are based on the Wiegand system. It allows the device to work without gears and batteries.

Total encoder resolution reaches 51 bits (12 bits single-turn and 39 bits multi-turn). Signal transmission performs using a binary code or a Gray code.

The housing is made of AISI 420 stainless steel and has enclosure-rating IP65 at the shaft side and IP 67 at the cover side. The external diameter of the whole assembly is 36 mm. The structural strength has also improved via separate chambers.

In general, the EAM 36 magnetic encoders are very popular due to their versatility and great reliability.

Let's see all improvements after last update in detail.

Renewed EAM 36 version

The Italian company improved several main features of the series. Producer created new EAM 36 B model with a solid shaft and updated 36 F/G series with hollow shaft.

The following characteristics are improved:

  • Singleturn resolution
  • Multiturn resolution
  • Operating temperature range
  • Max bore diameter

Single turn resolution was increased and now its maximum range is equal to 15 bit. Therefore, measurements will be performed with even greater accuracy in new versions.

Multi-turn resolution was also improved up to 40 bits. Hence, the new total resolution (ST + MT) reaches 55 bits instead of 51 bits in previous models.

Operating temperature range is increased from -20 ... + 85 °С (-4 ... + 185 °F) to -30 ... + 100 °С (-22 ... 212 °F). This additional improvement expands the possible working areas of the device, especially for harsh conditions.

Hollow Shaft Version Upgrades

Company also manufactures updated 36 F/G models in addition to new solid shaft models.

Here are the main improvements:Eltra encoder connector m12 picture

  • Increased bore diameter
  • Ability to connect the M12 connector

Inner diameter of the bore was increased from 6 mm to 10 mm. These changes concern both versions with stator coupling and with torque pin.

Integrated connector M12 is now available for use with the new models. This is circular connector with a 12-mm locking thread and 8 pins. As usual MD (10 pin) and HA (12 pin) connectors are still available for use.

Other specifications have not been changed. Therefore, the devices still save their basic features. For example, the output frequency indicator is the same (100 kHz ... 1 MHz) in new and old models.

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