Eltra encoder for medium and big size motors

Motor encoder is a special device for work with feedback systems in servomotors.

  1. Incremental for medium size motors
  2. Incremental encoders for big size motors

Incremental encoders for medium size motors

The company has released three series of incremental encoders specifically for working with medium electric motors.

Size of the motors is often determined not by the dimensions of housing, but by the parameters of connecting parts. Engines that are more powerful usually have a larger rotor shaft diameter.

The eltra incremental encoder category for midsize motors includes the following series:Encoders-for-medium-size-motor-image

  • EH-EL88 P
  • EH88 PE/PET
  • EH 80 PU

Let's look at them in detail.

EH-EL 88 P this sensor has a through hollow stainless steel shaft with a diameter up to 30mm (in standard version). Eltra Sensing Technology provides the ability to optionally change these dimensions. To do this, the user needs to specify desired diameter when ordering. In addition, was created one more standard version with bore Ø25 mm. The shaft is fixed with threaded screws and springs.

The main body and bearing stage is made of EN-AW aluminum and has an IP65 protection level. Presented device can work with resolutions up to 2500 ppr (EH) or up to 2048 ppr (EL) with a maximum rotation speed of 300 rpm.

EH88 PE / PET is incremental cost-effective encoder for working with asynchronous motors. The device equipped with a through hollow shaft. Size range of its bore dimensions depends on the chosen model.

Main housing and racks are made of aluminum. Sensor protection rating is IP54. Presented device can work with an accuracy in the range from 500 to 2500 ppr and with rotation speed up to 3000 rpm.

Two types of Eltra EH88 series encoders are available:

  1. PE
  2. PET

EH88 PE has a through hollow shaft with a spring. The devices of this series use shafts with diameters of 35, 38 and 40 mm. Shafts up to Ø 38mm are made of EN-AW 2011 aluminum. Shaft Ø40mm made of stainless steel 1.4305 / AISI 303.

EH88 PET has a through hollow shaft with torque arm fixing. This category includes bores with Ø25 and 30mm. The shafts are made of aluminum, similar to the previous type.

EH 80 PU is an incremental motor encoder, which is designed to work specially in feedback systems. This sensor is quite versatile and has a compact size. The device has an outer diameter of 80mm. Such encoders have a trough hollow shaft with collar clamping, which is adapting to the motor shaft.

The device housing is made of PA66 glass fiber reinforced and has an enclosure rating IP54 (IEC 60529). Its shaft is made of stainless steel and can rotate 3000 times per minute. This is a three-channel (A/B/Z) encoder with an accuracy up to 2048ppr. Weight of the entire device is only about 250g.

Best of all such sensors are suitable for working with medium size AC servomotors.

Incremental encoders for big size motors

Especially for work with large electric motors, Eltra s.p.a. has created a series of EL120 P encoders. Its main distinguishing feature is the size of the bore: it can reach a diameter up to 60mm.

Eltra EL120 P models are available in three versions:Encoders-for-big-size-motors

  1. 40mm
  2. 50mm
  3. 60mm

That is, the device can work with both medium and large motors.

All major construction parts, including the housing, bearing stage and shaft are made of EN-AW 2011 aluminum. The sensor is coupling using grub screws. It is also possible to install presented encoder on the torque arm.

The outer diameter of the sensor is 120mm; its total weight is 750g. The equipment enclosure rating is IP54. It is an optical encoder incremental type and it can work with a resolution from 500 to 2048 ppr.

Conclusion: Eltra s.p.a. produces models of incremental optical sensors that can work with medium and big electrical motors. The robust steel and aluminum constructions, as well as various shaft options, make these sensors an excellent solution.

On our website eltra-encoder.eu you can find a full catalog of the presented encoders series: EH88 PE; EH88 PET; EH 80 PUEH-EL88 P and EL 120 P.

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