Encoders for high temperature by Eltra

High temperature encoders are designed to work in harsh environments with unstable conditions and special requirements for device robust.Encoders-for-high-temperature


1.High temperature optical rotary encoders

    1.1.Blind and trough hollow shaft

    1.2.Kit encoders

2.High temperature magnetic encoder

     2.1.Incremental magnetic

      2.2.Absolute magnetic encoders

3.High temperature linear encoder

High temperature optical rotary encoders

Eltra sp.a. manufactures a wide range of different sensors that have all necessary functions to operate at high temperatures. Additional options are installed in such devices for increase strength and better resistance to external influences.

Eltra optical rotary encoder category for high temperatures includes the following series:Eltra EF 36 K with high temperature resistance image

  • EF 36K
  • EF 49 C-P
  • EH 50
  • EH-EF 80 C-P-K

All presented models belong to the incremental encoders.

Blind and trough hollow shaft

EF 36 K is an incremental encoder with a blind hollow shaft and rear fixation. Such optical sensor has 6 channels for output signals and is related to the generation of devices with “hall effect phases”.

EF 36K has a small size (diameter – 37,3mm, height - 27mm) and is designed to work with AC servomotors. The sensor has a built-in temperature resistance function. Optimal operating temperature conditions for this model are from -10 to +85 °C or + 14 ... + 185 °F.

EF 49 C / P is a sensor with a through (P) or blind (C) hollow shaft for operation in systems of electric motors feedback control. Like the previous model, they have small dimensions and easy to install.

The sensors have a high level of temperature resistance and operate in the range from -20 to +80 °C (-4 ... + 176 °F). Its body is made of nickel-plated brass.

EH 50 is an optical rotary encoder with compact sizes for working with small motors. The device is connecting with a through hollow shaft and may have both front and rear fixing.

The sensor has a wide range of operating temperatures: from -40 to 100 °C (-40 ... 212 °F). Its housing and bearing stages are made of EN-AW 2011 aluminum. The sensor is very popular in the iron&steel industry.

Kit encoders

The manufacturer also produces kit sensors, which are capable of operating in high temperature conditions.

EH-EF 80 C-P-K is a sensor with a diameter of 80mm, designed for operation in servo control systems. It may have blind (C, K) or through (P, PG) variants of a hollow shaft. In the first version, the shaft is made from EN-AW 2011 aluminum, and in the second, from 1.4305 / stainless steel.

Operating temperature range of the device lies in the range from -20 to 85°C (-4 ... + 185°F) degrees Celsius. At the user request, its maximum value can be increased to 100°C (212°F).

High temperature magnetic encoder

Technological devices, based on the magnetic fields' operation principle, initially have very good resistance to temperature influence.

Eltra Magnetic encoders for high temperature operation include:Kit incremental encoder for high temperatures

  • EMI 22
  • EMI 55 A-AX
  • EMI 63 A-D
  • EMA – EMS 38

Presented sensors are divided into two types according to the principle of operation.

Incremental magnetic

EMI 22 A is a kit encoder that works on an incremental basis. Encoder has a bore shaft with diameter up to 10mm.

The sensor has a fairly wide range of operating temperatures: from -40 to +125 degrees Celsius or from -40 to 257 degrees Fahrenheit.

Robust aluminum body, as well as its compact dimensions, ensures its growing popularity. It is used in the marine industry, iron & steel, wood and paper processes, as well as in many others.

EMI 63 A / D is a solid-shaft sensor designed specifically for work in harsh environments. It has a high temperature resistance and is used in almost all industries related to the material processing.

EMI 63 housing is made from EN-AW 2011 aluminum and bearing stage from 1.4305 / AISI 303 stainless steel. The sensor can operate in a range from -25 to 100 °C (-13 ... + 212 °F).

Absolute magnetic encoders

EMA 55 A / AY is an absolute single turn sensor with an electrical SSI interface. It has a bore shaft with diameter up to 10mm and can be attached with standard (A) or anodized (AY) fixing holes Ø48mm.Absolute encoders for high temperatures by Eltra

Device body is made of painted aluminum and has a high enclosure rating of IP67. The sensor works with a resolution up to 8192 ppr and in the temperature range from -40 to +100 °C (-40 ... + 212 °F).

EMA-EMS 38, like the previous model, is a singleturn absolute encoder. It is often used in materials processing industries such as glass and marble working.

Such series has a high temperature resistance and may operate in the range of -25 to 100 °C (-13…212 °F). The housing is made of aluminum D11S UNI 9002/5. Encoder works with resolution from 400 to 8192 ppr with SSI and Bit Parallel interfaces.

High temperature linear encoder

In addition to rotating sensors, the producer also manufactures linear devices that may operate in harsh environments.

Eltra linear devices for high temperatures includes following series:

  • EPLB
  • ETMA

EPLB is a linear potentiometer with an absolute principle of operation. The device works by changing resistance within the system.

The potentiometer has a very durable and sturdy housing of anodized aluminum or Nylon 66 G with an IP 65 protection level. It is able to work with temperatures ranging from -30 ... to 100 ° C (-22…212 °F). Its storage is possible in the range of -50...120°C or -58...248 °F. The device has a cylindrical shape and is connected in radial way.

ETMA 1-2 is an incremental magnetic sensor that operates on the same axis. Due to the work, which based on magnetic fields, as well as a strong body, it can work in the harshest conditions.

Device housing is made from anodized aluminum and has an IP67. Such unit is widely used in material process and washing machines. The optimum temperature for its work is from -20 to 85°C (-4…185°F).

Conclusion: Eltra S.P.A. company created several categories of sensors for industries with high temperature resistance requirements. For such conditions were manufactured encoders with different principles of operation and connection types.

On our site eltra-encoder.eu you can find all presented devices.

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