Eltra electrical interface signal splitter for encoder connection

 Signal splitter is a special board that is used to connect encoder and control unit with different electronic characteristics.

  1. Main information and featuresEltra EMB single implementation image
  2. How to choose the right model?
  3. General specifications

Main information and features

Main functions of the emb series are separation and adaptation of the output encoder signals. For example, it is necessary when encoder with 5V DC output voltage connecting to the panel that has 24V DC.

A signal splitter also helps to connect sensors and control systems with the same power supply parameters but have different electronics types.

On such board can be 2 different voltage parameters at the same time. However, they must be supplied through the x4 connector, with the highest voltage value used.

Up to 8 outputs can be connected from a single input by assembly several modules. This option reduces a large number of extra wires. In such cases, information about all outputs will be displayed in the order code.

How to choose the right model?

The order code of the signal splitter consists of letters and numbers that describe model characteristics.

Let's look at them with the following example:Eltra multiple implementation scheme

EMB 0 5 L 8/24 P 8/24 P .2V .XXX

EMB means that device belongs to the category of signal splitters.

0 indicates that such device has isolated input. If this option is not present in the model, then such mark will be missed.

5L indicates the input voltage parameters. In the presented example, it is 5V DC. The letter indicates a type of electronic interface.

Eltra using five types of electronic interface in the splitter inputs:

  • NPN (N)
  • NPN open collector (C)
  • Push-Pull (P)
  • Line driver (L)
  • PNP (R)

8/24 P are output parameters. For each one, they are specified in the order code separately. Up to 8 outputs with the same parameters are available.

2V means that the device belongs to the second version.

XXX is the panel variant number.

The power supply parameter of equipment will be always equal to the highest possible value. In the model from example, it corresponds to 8/24 V.

General specifications

In addition to the characteristics described above, the EMB and EMB0 models have several additional variants and options.

Mechanical options

Splitter EMB can be made with two connection types:

DIN 46277-3
DIN 46277-2
That is, presented board is mounted on a DIN rail.

Optimal working temperature of the device is in the range from -20 to +85 °C (-4 to 185 °F). Manufacturer recommends storing equipment in the same conditions.

The device has an IP 00 enclosure rating. That is, it should not be mounted in dangerous places without additional protection.

The total weight of single module is 150g.

Electrical optionsEltra EMB signala splitter output photo

EMB separator can work with three voltage ranges:

  1. 4,5…5,5 V DC (5)
  2. 7,6…25,2 V DC (8/24)
  3. 22,8…25,2 V DC (24)

The current parameters of connected power supply can reach a max of 100mA at input X1. Parameter of current consumption without load at the X4 output can reach 70mA.

The device complies with the requirements of directives 2014/30 / EU and 2011/65 / EU. It is also has a UL / CSA certificate E212495.

Conclusion: Eltra s.p.a. created an excellent signal splitter model that helps to combine devices with different voltage characteristics or electronic interfaces into one system.

On our website you can find presented model in signal interface boards category. To find out a stock availability and detailed delivery terms to your region, please contact our managers.

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