Eltra electronic handwheels

Electronic handwheel is designed for manual CNC positioning.


  1. Eltra hand pulse generator
    Eltra electronic manual pulse generator image
  2. EVB Eltra electronic hand wheel
  3. EVС Eltra electronic hand wheel

 Eltra hand pulse generator

Electronic hand wheel is an optical encoder that is designed for manual input of pulses for CNC machines. It is also called the manual pulse generator, mpg wheel or just MPG.

Such a rotary encoder is used for initial setup and manual processing in CNC. It allows to simple machine control by hand during operation. The device may be suitable for various automation systems that are compatible with CNC systems.

Eltra company produces two models of the electronic handwheel series:

  1. EV B
  2. EV C

These two types differ in the design and main specifications. Each of them is designed for a specific tasks type. Let's look at each model in detail.

EVB Eltra electronic hand wheel

EV B is connected using fixing flange holes Ø 56mm. It can be with and without a zero pulse.

The device is capable of producing results with resolutions from 100 to 2500ppr. Following options of resolution are available:

  • 100Eltra electronic handwheel image
  • 200
  • 360
  • 500
  • 512
  • 720
  • 1000
  • 1024
  • 1440
  • 2000
  • 2048
  • 2500

The most optimal ones are 100, 1000 and 1024 pulses per revolution. There is also the possibility to order other variants separately.

The maximum output frequency is 200 kHz. The encoder can be connected in axial and radial directions.

Model B has the following electrical interfaces:

  1. NPN open collectorEltra EVA and EVB electronic handwheels connectors image
  2. Push-pull
  3. Line driver
  4. RS-422

The last option is available only in this version and only with power supply 5/28 V DC.

There are also several outputs type available for selection. EV B are manufactured with MIL and JIS-C-5432 connectors or cable outlets.

The standard cable length in model B is 1.5m. Versions without female connector are labeled 162 as variant code.

The EV B body is made of PA glass fiber reinforced and has an IP64 protection level (IEC 60529). The device has a solid shaft with a diameter of 10mm. It is made of stainless steel. The total weight of the encoder is 450g.

EVС Eltra electronic hand wheel

EV C has the same mounting type but Ø40mm holes. Such encoder does not have a zero pulse and works with Ø6mm solid shaft, which is made of 1.4305 / AISI 303 stainless steel.

The device in the standard version works with a resolution 100ppr. Presented encoder does not have a zero pulse.

As an electronic interface, EVC can use three options:

  1. NPN open collector
  2. Push-pull
  3. Line-driver

With using line driver interface, such device can work with power supply equal to 5V DC. In other modes, it is in the range from 5 to 28 V DC.

Standard cable length for mod. C equals 0.3m. The kit also includes a female connector. At the device, output frequency can reach 150 kHz. The encoder is connected only in radial direction.

The case of model C is made of nickel-plated brass and has an IP40 protection level. Due to this, the device weighs only 150g.

Conclusion: ELTRA s.r.o. released two MPG series with its own characteristics. That is they can work for a different purposes. In addition, a wide range of characteristics in models is available that allows a user to assemble the most suitable device.

On our website eltra-encoder.eu you can find the full catalog of electronic hand-wheels by Eltra.

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