Eltra heavy duty incremental encoders

Heavy duty encoders are designed specifically for harsh environments and have an increased level of mechanical protection.


  1. Rotary heavy duty encoders
  2. Heavy-duty incremental optical encoders
  3. Magnetic incremental encoders

Rotary heavy duty encoders

Some industries have hard conditions in which devices must work in very aggressive environments. However, it still needs encoders work. Such devices have special requirements. 

Encoders for aggressive environments should have:Heavy duty industries encoders

  •  protection against extreme temperatures;
  •  resistance to shock and vibration;
  •  protection against washing;
  •  corrosion resistance;
  •  protection against small particles.

Therefore, these sensors have a sturdy construction of reliable materials. The device also should have resistance to sudden changes in external environment.

Incremental encoder is the most popular sensor worldwide. Therefore, ELTRA has created several series of such devices specifically for heavy industry, where aggressive conditions are very common.
The manufacturer produces both optical and magnetic versions. Presented encoders are available with hollow and solid shaft types.

Heavy-duty incremental optical encoders

Eltra s.p.a. released a wide range of incremental optical encoders for harsh environments. Such sensors determine the angle of displacement of its own shaft with using a special light pulse.

Eltra optical encoders for heavy-duty areas include the following series:

  •  EH50 (blind shaft)Heavy duty incremental optical encoder image
  •  EH-EL88 (blind shaft)
  •  EL 63 (hollow shaft)
  •  EM-ER38 (hollow shaft)
  •  EL-ER 90 (solid shaft)
  •  EL-ER 115 (solid shaft)

EH50 FA/FP having compact dimensions and designed to work in the feedback of small motors. It has a through hollow shaft with diameter up to 10mm. The shaft is made of stainless steel 1.4305 / AISI 303. Main body is made of EN-AW 2011 aluminum. Device has IP65 protection level and can operate at temperatures from -40 to +100 °C. Construction has protection from shocks and vibrations.

EH-EL88 PE/PET encoder designed to work with medium-sized motors. The through hollow shaft with spring is made of stainless steel 1.4305 AISI 303 and has a diameter up to 40mm. It fixed with grub screws. The device has a robust aluminum housing with an IP65 protection level. It can work at temperatures up to 70 °C and stored at 85 °C. Sensor has a good resolution up to 2500 ppr.

EL 63 encoder has very compact dimensions with a height of 35mm and an outer diameter of 63 mm. This model has 6 options of connection, for example, a through shaft with torque pin or rear fixing with spring. Bore diameter is in the range from 8 to 15 mm. Both through and blind shaft variants are available. Housing made of PA66 glass fiber reinforced. Device can operate at temperatures up to 60 degrees and has IP54 enclosure rating.

EM-ER38 F / G is a miniature encoder designed to work with automation systems and small motors. The sensor has a blind hollow shaft made of stainless steel. Two types are available, 38F- with stator coupling and 38G - with torque pin. The body is made of painted aluminum and has a 36mm height. Encoder has IP65 protection level and can operate at temperatures of - 25 to + 85°C. The weight of device is only 150g.

EL-ER 90A has increased protection against mechanical damage due to the metal cover. Presented sensor has a solid shaft with diameter from 8 to 10 mm, which made of stainless steel. The housing is made of PA66 glass fiber reinforced and painted aluminum. Encoder has an IP66 protection level and operates at temperatures up to 60 °C (EL-type) or up to 85 °C (ER-type).

EL-ER 115A has similar characteristics with the previous model. Difference between them is based on the type of coupling. The encoders of 90A Series are installed with a fixing flange and the 115A are mounted using a special flange REO 444 type. The series also has an additional tachometer generator, which is not present in the previous one. The device has a metal-coated housing with IP 54 protection level.

Optical incremental encoders are work with high accuracy measurements. However, they are sensitive to increased levels of pollution.

Magnetic incremental encoder for heavy-duty industries

The main advantage of such devices is work based on contactless technology. Such option allows measurement in conditions with high levels of pollution. Moreover, due to operating with magnetic fields, such sensors are more reliable than optical analogs.Heavy duty incremental magnetic encoder photo

Eltra produces the following series of heavy duty magnetic incremental encoders:

  •  EMI 38;
  •  EMI 40A;
  •  EMI 63.

EMI 38 F/G is specially designed for harsh environments. It connects with both the stator (type F) and the torque pin (type G). Main body is made of painted aluminum and has an IP66 protection level. Device is resistant to shock and vibration. It can work in temperature range from -25 to + 100°C. Its resolution reach up to 2048 ppr.

EMI 40A due to magnetic technology can operate in harsh environments in industrial automation systems. Body material made of aluminum, shaft created of stainless steel. The mechanical connection is provided with a solid shaft diameter of 4 or 6 mm. It is fixed with clamping flange.

EMI63 A / D is a solid shaft encoder with separated chambers design for work in the heavy duty industry. Bearing stage and housing are made of aluminum. Device can work with a resolution from 2 to 2048 ppr. For models with a maximum rotation speed of 3000 rpm, the degree of protection will be IP66, for devices with 6000rpm - IP64. Allowable working temperature reaches 100°C.

Magnetic incremental encoders are less susceptible to temperature shocks and sudden changes in the environment. However, magnetic fields from other devices nearby can affect their performance.

ELTRA s.p.a. created a wide range of incremental sensors for work in heavy industry. Optical sensors have greater measurement accuracy and magnetic devices have higher level of reliability. However, both categories have an increased degree of protection and can work in different harsh environments.

On our site eltra-encoder.eu you can find a full catalog of encoders for heavy duty industries in a special category.

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