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Eltra encoders for heavy duty industry

Eltra encoders for metallurgical, marble, glass and ceramic industries.

Such sensors work in harsh conditions, when large amount of dust and micro particles is emitted in the air, chemical products and liquids are used and machines work quite often at extreme temperatures.

Eltra encoders are used on:

  • construction sites;
  • factories;
  • career;
  • foundries,

That is, they work in places where “heavy” materials such as metals and stones (iron, steel, marble, granite, glass and ceramics, etc.) are processed. For these reasons, equipment used in this industry type must be very durable and resistant to a wide range of temperatures,

Sensors must also be very reliable, accurate and easy to operate. This is necessary to guarantee workers safety and efficiency of processing enterprises production.

Eltra offers many solutions in the form of optical and magnetic encoders with high-level speed and resolution. They are designed to work in the most difficult conditions, to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy of production systems.

Eltra encoders in the production of iron and steel



Such absolute and incremental sensors with high mechanical strength specifically created for the treatment of iron and steel at high temperatures. Including following series of eltra encoders:


EPLB ETMA EH 50 EL - ER 90 EL - ER 115 EH - EL 88
Absolute linear potentiometer Incremental magnetic linear Incremental optical through hollow shaft Incremental optical solid shaft Incremental optical solid shaft Incremental optical through hollow shaft


Eltra encoders in the processing of marble and stones




 Very durable devices with high resolution and precision, designed to process marble, granite and stone. This category including following encoders from ELTRA:


EC 34 EMSPS EMA 50 EMI  EML 50 EL 63
Incremental linear encoder for rack Absolute linear magnetostricticve Absolute magnetic singleturn solid shaft Incremental magnetic solid shaft Absloute magnetic singleturn blind hollow shaft Incremental optical hollow shaft


Eltra encoders in the glass and ceramics production



Devices with high IP level, resistant to liquids and wide temperatures range. They suitable for the production of glass and ceramics. Include following eltra encoder series:


EAM 36 EMI 38 EM - ER 38 EA 58-63 Profibus
Absolute magnetic myltiturn blind hollow shaft Incremental magnetic blind hollow shaft Incremental optical blind hollow shaft Absolute optical singleturn solid shaft

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