Eltra meausring wheels

Measuring wheels are created primarily for determining speed and distance in working with continuous linear motion.


  1. How to use a measuring wheel?
  2. Eltra measuring wheel series
  3. Eltra RH 200 A/B/C
  4. Eltra RL-RM 500 A/B/C

How to use a measuring wheel?

Measuring wheel system construction consists of several components. Some details may vary depending on the models, but their main parts are similar in all common variations.

The presented system consists of several components:

  1. Wheel
  2. Rotary encoder
  3. Bracket
  4. Fastening system

Wheel makes stable direct contact with the measured surface. Depending on the model, it may have a different diameter and material.

Rotary encoder counts current speed and direction of the wheel. There are many options available, depending on requirements. Incremental encoders are the most popular in such applications.

Bracket performs the role of a coupling link between wheel and encoder. Sometimes this function is performed by the device housing. In Eltra encoders, this work is carried by the oscillating arm.

Fastening system is designed for device mounting. Its position in design depends on installation direction.

Equipment mounts in direct proximity to the measured object. The wheel must be installed with its surface in close contact with the object, for example, with a conveyor belt. Next, it is screwed to the mounting place. Maximum travel distance is regulated by using a spring.

The main task is to reach fully comply with the installation tolerances. Wheel must be in ideally contact with working surfaces.

Dismounting is performed at the same principle.

Eltra measuring wheel series

The Italian company produces two basic types of measuring wheel systems. They are very popular in areas where continuous work is required.

For example, such as:

  • woodworking
  • textile industry
  • glass production

This list may also contain many industries where the conveyors are commonly used. Presented devices have different characteristics of wheels size, resolution and protection level.

This feature allows user to select the most compatible model for specific cases.

Eltra measuring wheel includes the following series:

  1. RH 200 A/B/C
  2. RL-RM 500 A/B/C

Let's look at each category in detail.

Eltra RH 200 A/B/C

Model RH200 has in its design a measuring wheel with 200mm diameter. Depending on its surface, there are 3 models:

  1. With smooth surface (RH 200A)
  2. With knurled surface (RH 200B)
  3. With rubberized surface (RH 200C)

In addition to the basic models, it is also available assembly without wheel (/). It can be useful in situations where the user already has his own disk.

Regardless of the type, presented devices have a three-channel incremental encoder (A / B / Z) with a resolution from 50 to 1024 ppr. They are available with and without zero pulses.

The device housing is made of PA66 glass fiber reinforced and has an IP54 protection level (IEC 60529). Encoder shaft has 8 mm diameter, made of stainless steel and can rotate at the speed of 3000rpm.

The wheel is made of aluminum EN-AW 2011 and has a weight of 90g. Supply parts are also created of the same material. The final weight of entire system is 250g.

Eltra RL-RM 500 A/B/C

Eltra s.p.a. also produces models with a wheel diameter of 500mm. Such type includes the following series:

  • RL series
  • RM series

The main difference between them is the maximum resolution parameter. The devices of the RL series work in the range from 1 to 2500 ppr. Devices of RM series has higher resolution level that reaches up to 10,000 ppr. The RM500 models also have internal coupling in their design.

The wheel in Eltra RL-RM is made of EN AB 43100 and as in the previous series, has different surfaces types. Wheels with a smooth and knurled surface have a weight of 900g, and a wheel with a rubber belt - 850g. Models with smooth and knurled surfaces have a weight of 900g, and with a rubber belt - 850g.

Device has a shaft with a diameter of 10mm 1.4305 / AISI 303 stainless steel. Main body is produced of reinforced fiberglass and have IP64 / IP66 protection levels.

Conclusion: Eltra s.p.a. manufactures two main measuring wheel series that determine speed and distance in many different industries. Created models have variable features that makes it possible for the client to accurately select the most suitable assembly.

However, a common feature of all manufacturing devices is a high level of accuracy and reliability. At the same time, its simple design allows to quickly put equipment into work.

On our website, you can find all measuring wheels described in the article.

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