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Eltra encoder in motors feedback

Eltra encoders for electric motors of any type and size

The engine feedback industry covers many technologies used in a wide variety of markets as:

  • lifting systems;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • manufacturing;
  • metallurgical industry.

However, in all areas engine is the heart of any mechanism in motion. For this reason, it is necessary that each of its components be extremely durable, reliable and at the same time accurate and effective.

In accordance with requirements of drive technology industry, Eltra offers several series of incremental and absolute encoders. They are designed to provide high adaptability and efficiency in terms of technical characteristics. Presented encoders have a wide range of resolutions and installation systems. In addition, such sensors are suitable for several types and sizes of motor shafts, which, in terms of cost, offers solutions with a very interesting price-performance ratio.


Eltra encoders for synchronous / asynchronous motors



For this purpose, Eltra offers a special line of optical and magnetic encoders that are resistant to a wide range of temperatures and high-speed rotation. Including following series of eltra encoders:


EMI 55 EH 50 EF 80 EH - EL 88
incremental magnetic kit encoder Incremenatal optical through hollow shaft   Incremental optical blind / through hollow shaft    Incremental Optical blind / through hollow shaft  


 Eltra encoders for brushless motors



These are very reliable devices with a built-in Hall effect, high resistance and a wide range of resolutions, as well as electronic outputs. Include following series of eltra encoders:


EF 36 EL 49
Incremental optical blind hollow shaft Incremental optical trough hollow shaft


Eltra encoders for stepper motors



Absolutely compact and easy to install encoders designed to provide a high degree of adaptation and ensure maximum reliability. This category include following series of eltra encoders:


EH 17 - EH 30 EMI 22 EMA 22 EAM 36 F/G
Incremental optical kit encoder Incremental magnetic kit encoder Absolute magnetic singleturn kit encoder Absolute magnetic multiturn blind hollow shaft

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