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Eltra encoders in OHV (off highway vehicles)

Position control eltra encoders for automatic vehicles

Thanks to technical advances in the field of automation, now it is possible to remotely and automatically control machines move.

This type of innovation is applied in:

  • agriculture;
  • lifting;
  • tilling.

For example, it is used in excavators, bulldozers, etc.

Sensors are also used in such highly developed industries as AGV (automated guided vehicles), which requires an increased level of accuracy and precision in movements measuring. The device requires optimum reliability as it works both inside and outside vehicle and, as a result at different temperature and conditions.

Eltra has developed several sensor lines that guarantee precise and fast position changes in such cases.


Eltra encoders for agriculture



High-precision and easy-to-install encoder lines for linear measurements over long distances. Including following series:


EL - ER 58 EL - ER 63 EMA 50
Incremental optical solid shaft Incremental optical solid shaft Absolute magnetic singleturn blind hollow shaft


Eltra encoders for excavating machines


Stainless sensors with a high degree of protection IP, provide long-term device durability and stability in aggressive environments.


Linear rope encoder


Eltra encoders for Automated Guided Vehicle




Rotary and linear encoders with magnetic sensing technology, with a solid housing and high degree of IP protection.


Manetic no-contact kit encoder Absolute magnetic singleturn solid shaft

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