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Eltra encoders for special industrial and individual products

Customized eltra endoders for industries with special requirements

Devices for control speed and position are used in various areas. Some industries require special specifications, Therefore, electromechanical components used in these areas must be designed in accordance with their functions and purpose.

In addition to a wide range of standard products, Eltra can offer to customer the experience and know-how of its research and development teams. It helps to develop customized solutions suitable for special applications in such areas as:

  • amusement rides;
  • fitness;
  • sports;
  • entertainment and much more equipment.

Those devices cannot be included in other categories due to their special requirements.


Eltra encoders in medical technologies



Encoders with the highest accuracy and clarity to ensure optimal control of the latest medical scientific technologies. Include the following series:


EAM 36 EH 50
Absolute magnetic multiturn blind hollow shaft Incremental optical through hollow shaft

Eltra encoders for event technologies



Rotary and linear encoders suitable for simulators, automatic theater structures and mechanical rides.


ER Linear system EL - ER 115 EL - ER 63
Incremental optical or magnetic linear Incremental optical solid shaft Incremental optical blind hollow shaft


Eltra encoders in snow machines



Sensors with high IP seal, resistant to extreme temperature ranges and weather conditions. Include series:


EMI 63 EMA 50
Incremental magnetic solid shaft Absolute magnetic singleturn blind hollow shaft


Eltra encoders in security systems



Compact position control sensors are suitable for use in mobile surveillance cameras and automated security systems. Consists of the following series:


 Eltra-encoders-EH 17 - EH 30    
EH 17 - EH 30 EA 36 EL - ER 40
 Incremental optical kit encoder  Absolute magnetic singleturn solid shaft  Incremental optical solid shaft


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