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Eltra encoders for Potentially explosive atmospheres

Explosion-Proof Eltra encoders with ATEX

Sensors can work in all those areas where combustible and hazardous materials are processed (oil refineries and fuel plants, offshore drilling platforms, paint and varnish and chemical industries, etc.), Such application areas are have potentially explosive atmosphere and require special solutions.

For these specific tasks, Eltra has developed several series of incremental and absolute explosion-proof encoders.

They fully comply with the ATEX standard (according to directive 94/9 / EC for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres). Such sensors can at the same time guarantee optimal resolution and output frequency for high precision control of speed and position.


Eltra encoders for oil refinery



A series of magnetic absolute sensors with ATEX marking, with a high IP protection level. EAMX 80 encoders is the most suitable for dangerous oil and gas treatment areas.


Absolute optical multiturn solid shaft flameproof

Eltra encoders for industrial paint and varnish production



EAX 80 ATEX-labeled high-resolution devices that are suitable for environments in which solvents, lacquers and chemicals are processed.


EAX 80
Absolute optical singleturn solid shaft flameproof

Eltra encoders for winches and drillers



Eltra EX 80 sensors are very robust and reliable solutions marked with ATEX. It is available with several electronic interface options for precise and safe control of winches and drillers.


EX 80
Incremental optical solid shaft flameproof

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