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Eltra encoders in lift systems

Speed and position eltra encoders created to control lifting systems for people and materials

Lifting platforms are used in numerous situations. Their main task is to lift some objects or people. These platforms are widely used as panoramic elevators in skyscrapers and other civil buildings. It is also used in warehouses of the plant for loading and unloading materials.

All of them must have wear resistance in order to withstand to the constant vibrations created by mechanical mechanisms.

Further very important feature the load and reliability in controlling speed and position, depending on their purpose.

Eltra offers a wide product catalog for several types of mechanical installation and for various sizes motors. It is designed to limit maintenance while achieving maximum accuracy in controlling the rotation speed and the switch position. Such sensors also provide maximum comfort and safety, regardless for what purpose is used with elevator equipment.


Eltra encoders for lifts



A series of incremental and absolute rotary encoders with high resolution and precision to ensure reliability and safety. Including following models:


EL - ER 58 EH 50 EH 88
Incremental optical solid shaft Incremental optical through hillow shaft Incremental optical through hollow shaft


Eltra encoders for material lifting systems



Sensors for harsh environmental conditions, designed to provide maximum strength and resistance to vibrations arising from the lifting heavy materials.


Absolute magnetic singleturn solid shaft Absolute linear magnetostrictive


Eltra encoders for automatic doors and gates




Especially durable and small in size sensors that are suitable for industries where minimum space and optimum performance are required. Including following devices:


EH 17 - EH 30 EA 36 EAM 36 F/G EM - ER 38
Incremental optical kit enoder Absolute magnetic singleturn solid shaft Absolute magnetic multiturn  blind hollow shaft Incremental optical blind hollow shaft

Eltra encoders for cable cars




Devices with a high IP level that are particularly suitable for harsh climatic and environmental conditions. Including series:


EMI 63 EMA 50
Incremental magnetic solid shaft Absolute magnetic singleturn blind hollow shaft

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