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Eltra encoders for packaging production

Optimal eltra encoders for the packaging and wrapping industry

Industrial machines used in packaging sector have different requirements depending on the contents type and packaging material. The company's sensors are widely used in:

  • food Industry;
  • bottling;
  • packaging machines;
  • labeling, etc.

With such a variety of applications, production and sanitary requirements are very different. Therefore, electromechanical components must comply with several standards at the same time.

Eltra offers several solutions for position control sensors depending on the type of equipment and materials used for packaging. However, all models have similar general characteristics of speed, accuracy and easy in installation.

Eltra has developed stainless steel models to ensure the best encoder protection and durability in situations where caustic and chemical products are used in cleaning or processing food. This design guarantees a long service life with minimal device maintenance.


Eltra encoders in food & beverages production



Stainless steel encoder series with high IP can protect device from chemical products and liquids and ensure maximum reliability.


EL-ER 63
Incremental optical solid shaft

Eltra encoder in labellers manufacturing



Encoder models with high speed and output frequency is designed for accurate and efficient control of speed and position. Including following series:


EL - ER 30 EH 17 - EH 30 EMI 22 EMA 22
Incremental optical solid shaft Incremental optical kit encoder Incremental magnetic kit encoder Abolute magnetic singleturn kit encoder

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