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Eltra encoders for renewable energy equipment

Eltra encoders for solar trackers and wind turbines

Eltra s.p.a. supports the development of safe clean energy. Therefore, concern produces equipment for any technology designed to produce such energy and improve the environment.

Eltra has developed specific solutions for renewable energy installations capable of withstanding the most extreme weather conditions. Such devices also comply with requirements of strength and accuracy that are necessary for this type of application.

To maximize amount of energy generated by these systems, company developed a special encoder’s series. They can provide accurate rotation of solar trackers in accordance with Sun movements and the inclination angles and azimuth.

These devices can also perform proper control over orientation (Pitch Control) and the gondola drive system (Yaw Control) of wind turbines.


Eltra encoders for wind energy equipment



EAM 36 encoders with resistant to a wide range of temperatures and extreme environments. It developed especially to optimize Pitch and Yaw in wind turbines systems.


EAM 36
Absolute magnetic multiturn blind hollow

Eltra encoders for solar power systems

 EAMW 58-63 Extremely strong magnetic encoder, designed to determine position and azimuth angles in solar trackers.


EAMW 58-63
Absolute magnetic multiturn solid shaft


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