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Eltra encoders in "Light" material processing

Special eltra encoders for industrial processing of fabrics, wood, paper and plastic

Sensors are used in manufacturing sectors that process so-called "light" materials. Such encoders from Eltra are widely distributed in the following industries:

  • Textile;
  • Plastic;
  • Woodworking;
  • pulp and paper industry.

They work in areas where machines are require high wear resistance, This is necessary because of the constant repetition of displacements and vibrations, as well as chemical products used in the processing of raw materials.

In addition, to order to optimize the production chain in terms of time and cost, it is necessary that the machines run at high speed with maximum accuracy. This can guarantee the quality standard of finished or semi-finished products.

Therefore, it is necessary to use position and motion sensors, which are made from materials and sealings suitable environment of use.

Eltra offers several series optical and magnetic encoders designed to fulfill all the necessary requirements depending on the type of equipment and material being processed.


Eltra encoders for textile industry





Robust devices with resistant to vibration and dust, which at the same time provide high speed and resolution. Including following series:


EAM 36 EL - ER 40 EMI 55 EMA 50 EH - EL 88
Absolute magnetic multiturn blind hollow shaft Incremental optical solid shaft Incremental magnetic kit encoder Absolute magnetic singleturne solid shaft Incremental optical blind/through hollow shaft

Eltra encoders for paper and print industry



A series of encoders that have high IP characteristics with resistant to water and humidity that occurs when processing paper pulp. Including following models:


EL - ER 90

EL - ER 115

EAM 58-63 Profibus

EAM 90-115 Profibus

EL 72 - ER 72

Incremental optical solid shaft

Incremental optical solid shaft

Absolute optical multiturn blind hollow shaft

Absolute optical multiturn solid shaft 

Incremental optical through hollow shaft

Encoders for woodworking



Devices with excellent resolution and high speed, specially designed for milling machines, presses and CNC (computerized digital control). Including following series:


EL - ER 30 EA 58-63 Parallel / SSI EL - ER 58 EM - ER 38 EL - ER 63 ETMR
Incremental optical solid shaft Absolute optical singleturn solid shaft Incremental optical solid shaft  Incremental optical l blind / through hollow shaft   Incremental optical solid shaft Incremental magnetic through hollow shaft

Encoders for plastic and rubber industry



Compact and simple installation of incremental and absolute encoder lines, designed to work in a wide range of temperatures. Including following series:


EPLA ER Linear system ETMA Ruote metriche - 500 mm EMA 50
Linear transducer absolute potentiometer  Linear incremental   Linear incremental magnetic  

Measuring wheel

Absolute magnetic singleturn solid shaft

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