Hall Effect Encoder

Hall Effect Magnetic Encoders are based on Hall sensors. Structurally, magnetic encoders are most often of two types - using a magnetic ring or using a cylindrical magnet.

  • Magnetic ring encoders are used in vehicle braking systems as anti-lock braking system sensors.
  • Cylindrical magnet encoders use diametrically polarized magnets.

With their Hall sensor passing the magnetic field, Hall effect encoders create a signal that is further interpolated into the highest resolution.

One more specific feature of Hall effect encoders is their high protection level. Due to the construction, its electronic parts are hidden into the body to prevent mechanical damage. That allows using that type of encoders in a wide range of industrial solutions and in harsh environments.

Adding to this wide temperature range along with shock and vibration resistance so we get a precise yet invulnerable encoder for industrial goals. It can be used successfully in food industry, AG applications, forestry, construction systems etc.